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Buffalo non sarebbe mai accaduto se l'odio online fosse stato affrontato dopo Christchurch

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Gli americani stanno affrontando un'altra tragedia – questa volta a Buffalo – come 11 Nero e due vittime bianche sono state uccise in un "crimine d'odio di matrice razziale" sospettato di essere stato perpetrato da un giovane che ha trascorso gran parte della sua vita..

Peer Nazir Ahmed jailed for sexual offences against children

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The former Labour peer Nazir Ahmed has been jailed for five years and six months after being convicted of sexual offences against two children in the 1970s. The 64-year-old, who quit the House of Lords but retains the...

Samira Ahmed: ‘I gave the V sign to a rude driver – it turned out to be a police car’

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Born in London, Samira Ahmed, 53, began her career as a BBC trainee and rose to present news, current affairs and arts programmes on radio and television. Nel 2020, she won the Broadcasting Press Guild’s audio broadcas...

Former peer Nazir Ahmed found guilty of serious sexual assault

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The former peer Nazir Ahmed has been found guilty of serious sexual assault against a young boy and the attempted rape of a girl when he was a teenager in the 1970s. Ahmed, 64, was found guilty on Wednesday of buggery...

‘Riz Ahmed would bring intensity and a truly modern sensibility’: readers on who should be the next 007

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Speculation has surrounded the choice of the next actor to play James Bond after Daniel Craig hung up his tux with No Time to Die. Su 7 December Barbara Broccoli, producer of the Bond franchise, told Hollywood Reporte...

The more vulnerable your brain is, the less stress it takes to trigger an episode of psychosis

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As a community psychiatrist in the public health system I mostly treat people at the more severe end of the mental illness spectrum, especially those with psychotic illnesses. One such patient, Lauren, was recently re...

Riz Ahmed calls for urgent change in ‘toxic portrayals’ of Muslims on screen

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Riz Ahmed has announced a new initiative to combat the “problem of Muslim misrepresentation” on screen, detto: “The Islamophobia industry is one that measures its cost in blood.” In a passionate speech addressed to t...

Carey Mulligan and Riz Ahmed poised for Oscar upsets after Spirit awards wins

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The Independent Spirit awards on Thursday confirmed what now seems an inevitability for Sunday’s Oscars: Nomadland will win best picture and best director. Chloé Zhao’s drama about older Americans who live in their va...

There is no legal defence of LGBT+ conversions

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Almost three years since the then-prime minister Theresa May pledged to end LGBT+ conversion practices in the UK, calls for action are growing. Over the weekend, Nicola Sturgeon said that Scotland would bring forward ...

Riz Ahmed: ‘I am happiest when feeling challenged or overwhelmed’

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Born in London, Riz Ahmed, 38, studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University. His films include Four Lions, Rogue One and Venom; he won an Emmy for his role in the miniseries The Night Of. He has bee...

Ismail Ahmed Ismail obituary

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Mio padre, Ismail Ahmed Ismail, che è morto invecchiato 94, was the founding commander of the Custodial Corps of Somalia, overseeing the country’s prison system. A partire dal 1970 per 1988 he expanded the corps from a force of 1,500...

Nazir Ahmed trial collapses due to ‘disgracefullate disclosure of evidence

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The trial of a former Labour peer accused of sexually abusing younger children has collapsed due a “disgraceful” late disclosure of evidence by the prosecution, a judge has said. Nazir Ahmed was charged with two count...