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Tributes paid to Australian darts player Kyle Anderson after his death aged 33

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The Australian darts player Kyle Anderson has died at the age of 33, the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) has confirmed. Anderson played in seven PDC world championships after making his debut in the 2012-13 event...

Remains of mystery Somerton man to be exhumed 70 jaar na sy dood

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Australian police are to exhume the remains of the so-called Somerton man in a bid to finally determine his identity, meer as 70 jaar na sy dood. Aan 1 Desember, 1948, the man’s body was found on Somerton beach...

How Van Gogh paid for his mentally ill sister’s care decades after his death

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The troubled artist’s paintings failed to make him a living but as a new book of letters shows, his legacy enabled his sibling to get the treatment he lackedVincent van Gogh remained penniless throughout his tragic li...