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Blue whales returning to Spain’s Atlantic coast after 40-year absence

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Blue whales, the world’s largest mammals, are returning to Spain’s Atlantic coast after an absence of more than 40 anni. The first one was spotted off the coast of Galicia in north-west Spain in 2017 by Bruno Díaz, un...

Baseball and softball prepare to pitch in at Olympics after 13-year absence

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Baseball, which was formally added as a medal sport in 1992, and softball, which joined it four years later, became the first sports in seven decades to be eliminated from the Olympic programme following the 2008 Beij...

Dwarf pansy blooms on tiny Scilly island after 16-year absence

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The tiny island of Tean was once home to a single resident, a modest chapel, diminutive grazed fields and a dwarf pansy smaller than the tip of a pencil. All these things vanished from the 0.16 sq km Scilly island in ...