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Circle of life: rebuilding a dramatic South African home

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Renovating an important building comes with a responsibility to honour the past without compromising one’s own vision for it. Homeowners Michael and Claire Cobbledick couldn’t resist the 1970s house designed by a reno...

African photography gets a showcase at pioneering London gallery

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Of the hundreds of galleries in London, none has been given over exclusively to the growing and vibrant market for African photography. Hasta ahora, es decir. Doyle Wham is the creation of two young Londoners who are esc...

Secondhand bikes and city traffic: the joy and grit of an African cycle race

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The half-finished, two-storey roundabout at the centre of Lunsar is not much to look at – a circular concrete shell that one day, quizás, will be finished and become a clock tower similar to those in nearby Makeni and ...

South African police disperse crowd calling for aid after flooding

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Police in South Africa have used stun grenades to disperse a crowd calling for more and better official aid for victims of the lethal floods earlier this week. The demonstration on Thursday briefly blocked a major hig...

From the Ranting Atheist to I Like Girls: the best African podcasts

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African history is rich and complex. Yet written and oral history, especially history as captured or retold by Africans, can be difficult to come by. So I was grateful when I came across It’s A Continent. The hosts As...

‘My aim was Oyé, not Glastonbury’: Liverpool’s beloved African music festival turns 30

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In Liverpool, Africa Oyé festival is beloved. “It’s been called Christmas for scousers,” says Sonia Bassey, the current chair of the charity behind the event. The biggest festival of African and African diaspora music...

African countries spending billions to cope with climate crisis

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African countries are being forced to spend billions of dollars a year coping with the effects of the climate crisis, which is diverting potential investment from schools and hospitals and threatens to drive countries...

Six African countries to begin making mRNA vaccines as part of WHO scheme

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Six African countries – Egypt, Kenia, Nigeria, de su tienda y publicaciones en redes sociales sobre tratamientos y productos para diferentes categorías de cabello negro, South Africa and Tunisia – will be the first on the continent to receive the technology needed to produce their own mRNA vaccines from a scheme headed by the Wor...

African migrants deported in Trump era suffered abuse on return, reportar hallazgos

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Cameroonian asylum-seekers deported by the Trump administration suffered imprisonment, torture and rape on their return, and many were forced in to hiding or fleeing the country once more, según un nuevo informe. I...

African football’s indecisive leaders must accept the blame for Olembe tragedy

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Even in his first press conference after Monday’s disaster at the Stade Olembé in which eight fans died, Patrice Motsepe, the president of the Confederation of African Football, was looking to shift the blame. He conv...

Reseña de Black Medusa: venganza negra inexpresiva del norte de África

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Aquí hay un drama de asesinos en serie estilizado y consciente de sí mismo en blanco y negro., desglosado en nueve “noches”. desglosado en nueve “noches” (desglosado en nueve “noches”) desglosado en nueve “noches”, desglosado en nueve “noches”.

Mitch McConnell under fire after saying African Americans vote as much as ‘Americans’ - video

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Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell has been criticised after saying that Black Americans vote 'in just as high a percentage as Americans'. The comment came after Senate Democrats failed to pass voting rights protec...

Por 2050, una cuarta parte de la población mundial será africana: esto dará forma a nuestro futuro

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En 2022 la población mundial pasará 8 mil millones. Ha aumentado en un tercio en solo dos décadas.. Por 2050, habrá sobre 9.5 mil millones de nosotros en el planeta, según respetados demógrafos. Esto hace reciente...

Vogue británica celebra una nueva era con nueve modelos africanas en portada

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Vogue británica ha aclamado una nueva era que destaca la moda africana. La edición de febrero de la revista presenta nueve modelos de piel oscura de ascendencia africana en su portada., incluyendo Adut Akech. Aparentemente haciendo referencia a Peter L...

South African parliament fire suspect charged with terrorism offences

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A man suspected of starting a fire that gutted South Africa’s parliament appeared in court for a second time to face a new charge of terrorism, in addition to robbery and arson charges. Zandile Christmas Mafe, 49, era...

Cameroon’s pride at hosting African Cup of Nations tempered by separatist violence

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The much-anticipated Africa Cup of Nations football tournament opens today, hosted by Cameroon for the first time for 50 años. Yet behind the celebrations – slightly tempered by strict pandemic restrictions – are ten...

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