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Africa alerted the world to Omicron. Why are we now the pariahs?

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The advent of the Omicron variant has given us a glimpse of an alternative future in which, had the Sars-CoV-2 virus been initially identified in Africa in early 2020, the world would have maybe locked Africa away. Th ...

Omicron variant fuelling ‘exponential’ rise in Covid cases, say South Africa officials

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The Omicron variant has fuelled a “worrying” surge in coronavirus cases in South Africa and is rapidly becoming the dominant strain, local health officials have said, as more countries including the US detected their ...

Omicron Covid variant discovered in west Africa and the Gulf

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The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been identified in west Africa and the Gulf, as the US said it was further tightening its border controls. Washington’s announcement was made as more countries reported their first ...

Op die laaste oomblik probeer Shell se olie-eksplorasie in walvisbroeigebiede in Suid-Afrika stopsit

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'n 11de uur-aanbod is van stapel gestuur om planne van Royal Dutch Shell te probeer stuit om olie te ondersoek in belangrike walvisbroeigebiede langs die Wildekus van Oos-Suid-Afrika. Kampvegters het 'n dringende regsuitdaging ingedien..

Kommer vir Cardiff-spelers in Suid-Afrika ná berigte van paniekaanvalle

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Kommer neem toe oor die welstand van Cardiff-spelers en beamptes wat in Suid-Afrika vasgevang is te midde van berigte dat sommige groeplede paniekaanvalle ervaar terwyl hulle wag om te ontdek wanneer hulle huis toe kan vlieg en kan begin..

South Africa accuses UK and others of ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to new variant

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South Africa has angrily condemned travel restrictions imposed by countries including Britain as “knee-jerk and draconian” as it scrambled to assess the potential for the new Covid-19 variant to unleash a deadly fourt...

Omicron Covid variant: Greg Hunt backflips as Australia shuts border to southern Africa

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Australia has suspended flights from nine southern African countries and closed its borders to any foreign nationals who have been to the region, amid concern about the emerging Covid-19 variant of concern, Omicron. T ...

UK block on South Africa flights pushes thousands of travel plans into disarray

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Thousands of Britons in South Africa and many more with bookings to travel have had their plans thrown into disarray as flights were suspended on Friday. The UK government temporarily blocked direct flights as it plac...

Vertel ons: how are you affected by the southern Africa Covid travel restrictions?

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Flights from countries in the southern Africa region will be banned on Friday due to a new variant which was first spotted in Botswana and identified on Tuesday. Six countries which will be added to England’s red trav...

South Africa to be put on England’s travel red list over latest Covid variant

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South Africa will be placed under England’s red list travel restrictions after scientists raised the alarm over what is thought to be the worst Covid-19 variant yet identified. Hundreds of people who have recently ret...

Smith’s last-gasp kick gives England thrilling victory over South Africa

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Nothing can entirely erase England’s disappointment at losing the 2019 World Cup final but their future is looking ever rosier. Turning over the world champions in the final seconds of a stirring contest in front of a...

Rassie Erasmus took referee-baiting too far but his ban galvanises South Africa

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The Springboks are in need of a new water carrier for Saturday’s match at Twickenham. Responsibilities include marshalling the defence, identifying weaknesses in the opposition’s line and relaying important informatio...

Farrell en George uit Suid-Afrika wedstryd in dubbelslag vir Engeland

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Engeland berei voor vir Saterdag se Wêreldbeker-eindstryd teen Suid-Afrika sonder hul kaptein Owen Farrell en staar 'n voorry-krisis in die gesig nadat Eddie Jones Maandag 'n groot dubbele besering toegedien is. Albei ...

Wallis reik lewenslange verbod uit om indringer in wedstryd teen Suid-Afrika op te slaan

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Wallis het 'n lewenslange stadionverbod opgelê aan die ondersteuner wat tydens verlede Saterdag se nederlaag teen Suid-Afrika op die veld gehardloop het.. Die voorval het in die 63ste minuut van Wallis plaasgevind 23-18 nederlaag deur die Springbokke, met...

‘No power to stop it’: optimism turns to frustration over east Africa pipeline

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A bumpy, mud-spattered road leads deep into Kakumiro district in western Uganda, where the longest heated oil pipeline in the world will pass through its homes, farms and wetlands. The villagers in the Kijungu settlem...

Engeland haal T20 Wêreldbeker-halfeindstryde ondanks Suid-Afrika se nederlaag

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'n Nag van sukses en hartseer in Sharjah het geëindig met die span wat gewen het, het uitgegaan en die span wat verloor het., maar vir Engeland het vordering na die T20 Wêreldbeker-halfeindronde teen 'n wrede prys gekom. Die verlies van hierdie m...

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