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Luzzu review – beautifully observed study of fishers trying to stay afloat

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Awash in blues and yellows, the colours of the traditional Maltese fishing boat known as a luzzu, Alex Camilleri’s debut is nothing short of a future neo-realist classic. Enveloped in the gentle rippling of the cerule...

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Moscow says warship ‘seriously damaged’ but still afloat after explosion – live

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Ukraine claims responsibility for attack on flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, though Moscow says cause of explosion yet to be determined

Killing Eve review – Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer struggle to keep the final series afloat

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Whatever else is going right or wrong with a TV show, it helps if we know immediately which series we’re watching. A shimmering brutalist landscape, “Russia”written in giant pastel letters, retro-reverb beehive pop on...

Purple Sea review – panic and terror as Syrian refugees battle to stay afloat

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Powerful but painful to watch, this experimental documentary challenges viewers to avert their eyes from the tragedy unfolding before them. It consists almost entirely of footage recorded on a waterproof camera that w...

Liberty Steel plans to sell Yorkshire plant to stay afloat

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Liberty Steel has said it plans to sell its aerospace steel business based in Yorkshire as part of a restructuring deal as it tries to ensure its survival. The steelmaker, which is owned by the metals magnate Sanjeev ...

Migrerende seun swem strand in die Ceuta van Spanje met plastiekbottels om kop bo water te hou - video

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'N Seun wat plastiekbottels aan homself en sy klere gebruik om kop bo water te hou, het by die Noord-Afrikaanse gebied Ceuta aangekom nadat hy oor die grens tussen Spanje en Marokko geswem het.. Die kind is in die water opgemerk deur ...

Retail entrepreneur Philip Day backs deal to keep Peacocks afloat

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Multimillioniare Philip Day has backed a deal to keep his Peacocks fashion chain afloat – saving 2,000 jobs and just under half of the chain’s 423 winkels. The deal comes after more than 200 Peacocks stores closed with...

Famed garment factory paying a living wage struggles to stay afloat

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When Alta Gracia launched in 2010 it was hailed as an experiment to show the world that garment factory workers in the developing world could aspire to a living wage and that their labor rights could be respected. Maar ...

‘Survive school or life?’ The US teens who work to keep their families afloat

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On Fridays, Mariela Garcia listens with earbuds as classes from Eastwood Academy in Houston stream in through Microsoft Teams. But she also keeps an eye on business. When her mother lost her job at an adoption agency...