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TV vanaand: Mash’s snarky skewering of current affairs returns

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After four years on BBC Two, news satire The Mash Report was cancelled earlier this year. Initially a spin-off of the Daily Mash website, the show gained a committed following for hosts Nish Kumar and Rachel Parrish’...

LBC’s James O’Brien wins Ofcom battle with Institute of Economic Affairs

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The Institute of Economic Affairs has lost a two-year battle with LBC radio presenter James O’Brien over claims the registered charity is a politically motivated lobbying organisation funded by “dark money”. The IEA c...

Why do powerful men have affairs?

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After Matt Hancock was forced to resign when a secret relationship was exposed, the couples therapist Orna Guralnik explores the cocktail of ego and vulnerability that leads some senior figures to risk it all ...

Clamour for wealth tax grows after revelations about super-rich’s affairs

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The revelation last week that the 25 richest US billionaires have paid very little tax even as their fortunes have soared has reignited demands for wealth taxes on both sides of the Atlantic. An unprecedented leak of...

Pat Dodson attacks ex-WA Aboriginal affairs minister for joining Rio Tinto board

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The Labor senator Pat Dodson has launched a scathing attack on the former Western Australian Aboriginal affairs minister Ben Wyatt for joining the board of the mining giant Rio Tinto, saying it showed “poor judgment” ...

Beijing accuses G7 ministers of interfering in China’s affairs

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China has rejected accusations of human rights abuse and economic coercion, made by G7 foreign ministers, accusing them of “blatantly meddling” in China’s internal affairs, calling their remarks groundless. “Attempts ...

Home affairs secretary Mike Pezzullo says Australia can’t avoid ‘drums of war’ at cost to liberty

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The home affairs department secretary, Michael Pezzullo, has warned of an increasing drumbeat to war, arguing Australia should not avoid conflict at the price of liberty. The comments come just days after the new defe...

Grave New World: the current affairs spoof unmasking our new normal

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Twelve months into the Covid pandemic, the world has changed. But how, precisely? The so-called “new normal” is now a staple of standup sets, from Jen Brister on home schooling, Hal Cruttenden on entertainers retraini...

Britney Spears asks for father to be removed from running personal affairs

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Britney Spears has petitioned for her father to be permanently removed from overseeing her personal affairs in the conservatorship that has governed her life since 2008. Spears’ conservatorship consists of two parts: ...