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UK under-18s with Covid advised to wait 12 weeks for vaccine dose

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Children aged 12 and over who have had a Covid-19 infection should not get a vaccine until 12 weeks later, UK officials have said. Deferring could help to reduce even further the “very, very small” risk of heart infla...

The Queen advised to rest for two weeks, says Buckingham Palace

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Doctors have advised the Queen to rest for at least another two weeks and not to undertake any official visits, Buckingham Palace has said. It means the 95-year-old will not attend the Royal British Legion’s Festival ...

Bill Gates reportedly advised to end inappropriate emails with female employee in 2008

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Bill Gates was allegedly advised in 2008 by executives at the company to halt inappropriate communication with a female employee, secondo un nuovo rapporto. The claims, published by the Wall Street Journal, are the la...

Customers of failed energy suppliers advised to wait before switching

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Customers of gas and electricity suppliers that collapsed this week are being reminded that there is nothing to stop them from switching to a new supplier once the dust settles. Utility Point and People’s Energy both ...

Civil servant advised Greensill while working in Whitehall, says watchdog

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The senior civil servant who went on to serve as a director of scandal-hit Greensill Capital started advising the firm while still working in Whitehall, with the approval of the Cabinet Office, according to an officia...

Salisbury locals still advised not to litter pick over novichok fears

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Health officials have refused to rescind guidance to people living in and around Salisbury not to pick up litter as fears linger over the dangers posed by the novichok poisonings more than three years ago. Local leade...

Key Republican in voter restriction effort advised Trump in bid to overturn 2020 risultati

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A Republican lawyer who advised Donald Trump on his campaign to overturn the 2020 election results is now playing a central role coordinating the Republican effort to tighten voting laws around the country. The moves ...