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Braves and Astros advance in MLB playoffs as Giants-Dodgers heads for decider

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Freddie Freeman hammered a tiebreaking homer with two outs in the eighth inning to propel the Atlanta Braves to a clinching 5-4 victory over the visiting Milwaukee Brewers in Game 4 of the National League Division Ser...

Democrats seek to advance spending plans as government shutdown looms – live

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Leaders scrambling to get infrastructure bill and the $3.5tn spending plan to Biden’s desk while trying to avoid a shutdown and raise the debt ceiling

The Guardian view on the Taliban’s advance: not an American debacle but Afghans’ tragedy

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“There’s going to be no circumstance where you’ll see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan,” Joe Biden declared earlier this year, referencing the fall of Saigon at the ...

UK to send 600 troops to Afghanistan to aid evacuation as Taliban advance

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The UK is to urgently send an extra 600 troops to Afghanistan this week to secure the speedy retreat of British diplomats, forces, UK passport holders and as many as 4,000 entitled Afghan personnel, as the Taliban adv...

Joe Biden urges Afghans to ‘fight for their nation’ as Taliban advance continues

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Joe Biden has urged Afghainstan’s leadership to “fight for their nation” after the Taliban tightened their grip, taking another provincial capital overnight. Faizabad, the provincial capital of northern Badakhshan, f ...

Wildfire fighters advance against biggest US blaze amid dire warnings

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Firefighters made progress battling some of the largest fires burning across the west, but dangers of flare-ups and new ignitions remain amid hot, dry conditions that will bake the parched landscape. Nine large fires ...

‘We walked 18 ure, no food’: Taliban advance triggers exodus of Afghans

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A weary Zebah Gul and her eight children are gathered quietly in a small room at a transit centre in Herat, north-eastern Afghanistan. Their six-month attempt to escape the war and find safety has failed. They have ju...

Pupils in England to get advance notice of topics in GCSEs and A-levels

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Pupils who are due to sit GCSEs and A-levels next summer will be given advance notice of the focus of some examinations to try to mitigate for learning lost as a result of the pandemic, according to plans unveiled by ...

Texas Republicans advance voting restrictions at special session after Democrat walkout

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Hailee Mouch woke up at 2am Saturday morning so she could drive to her state’s capital city of Austin and testify at two competing public hearings on Texas’s restrictive voting bills. She knew she had to return to the...

Taliban sweep through Herat province as Afghan advance continues

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The Taliban has swept through western Herat province, seizing two key border crossings to Iran and Turkmenistan, and much of the countryside beyond city limits. It was the latest part of Afghanistan to collapse in the...

Scotland bow out as England advance in top spot – Euro 2020 Football Daily

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Jonathan Wilson, Elliott Ross, Jacob Steinberg and Ewan Murray to discuss the final Group D games How to listen to podcasts: every...

US lawmakers advance bill to create slavery reparations commission

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A panel of US lawmakers has advanced a decades-long effort to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves by approving legislation that would create a commission to study the issue. After an impassioned debate, the H...

Hoe 'n dwaas begrotingsbepaling die Demokrate kan laat vorder

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'N Nuwe interpretasie van 'n kranksinnige parlementêre prosedure het die Kongres-demokrate 'n onverwagte - en tergende - nuwe geleentheid gebied om sommige van hul mees ambisieuse wetgewende doelwitte te minag..

Outrage as Georgia Republicans advance bill to restrict voting access

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Georgia lawmakers have advanced a measure that would significantly curtail voting access after a record number of voters propelled Democratic victories in the 2020 ras. The measure scraped through 29-20 in the GOP-c...