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‘I can’t imagine getting married with those teeth’: how Britain fell for adult braces

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When Dabi Adesoye was growing up in Ibadan, a city of 6 million people in Nigeria, everyone called her “Eji”. In Yoruba, Adesoye’s first language, this translates roughly as “gap teeth”. It might have been a complimen...

neil gaiman: ‘Whatever I loved about Enid Blyton isn’t there when I go back as an adult’

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My earliest reading memoryI was three years old, we lived in Purbrook, near Portsmouth, and if I had been remarkably good my mother would order a book at the local bookshop and a month later we would go and pick it up...

I was placed in an adult hostel at 17 – and I can tell you, the British state is an appalling parent

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Have you ever been so hungry you became delusional? tengo, when as a child in care I was placed in a hostel a few months after finishing my GCSEs. I remember rummaging through old birthday cards in the futile hope of...

Torrey Peters: ‘My book’s about dealing with the adult realities of being trans’

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Torrey Peters’s Detransition, Baby is the story of Reece, a sharp and self-destructive trans woman in New York, who finds herself suddenly back in touch with a former lover, Ames. Ames was previously Amy, also a trans...

Life drawing: why is adult animation bigger than ever?

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It’s hard to say when it happened, but somewhere in the past five or so years, anime got so entrenched in the mainstream that articles announcing this development as a new discovery are inevitably mocked online for th...

Gary Paulsen, autor de la aventura para adultos jóvenes Hatchet, muere a la edad 82

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Gary Paulsen, el autor estadounidense de ficción para adultos jóvenes que enseñó a millones de niños habilidades en la naturaleza a través de novelas como Hatchet, Dogsong y la habitación de invierno, ha muerto a la edad de 82. Su editor dijo en ...

Fans adultos de Lego: Cuéntanos sobre las compilaciones de las que estás más orgulloso.

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¿Eres un fanático adulto de Lego? (AFOL)? Nos gustaría saber por qué lo disfrutas tanto., y lo que te gusta construir. Puedes enviarnos fotos de las construcciones de las que estás más orgulloso a continuación.. Puede ponerse en contacto rellenando t ...

Resumen de libros para adultos jóvenes - revisión

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Una de las series para adultos jóvenes más destacadas del pasado. 20 años llega a su conclusión en Endgame de Malorie Blackman (Pingüino, 7,99 £). La serie comenzó en 2001 con ceros & Cruces y, seis novelas y tres novelas..

There is no destination called adult. Adulthood is a scam, a lie, a myth

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When I was a child, I longed to be an adult. For my 10th birthday, I demanded a cake in the shape of a 10, delighted to be an age that was two digits rather than one. Adults had freedom to do what they wanted; not lik...

OnlyFans to ban adult material after pressure from payment processors

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OnlyFans, the subscriber-only website synonymous with pornography, has announced it will ban adult material from the site after pressure from its payment processors. The company will continue to allow some posts conta...

I’m bracing myself for some adult orthodontics

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Required or not, I love wearing my face mask. I love it for the security it gives vulnerable people; for the anonymity it provides; for the floral smell of my moisturiser, which it keeps in my nostrils even when the s...

Lego aims to woo adult superfans with instore ‘storytelling tables’

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Lego is to create “storytelling tables” at its stores for adult superfans where they can have virtual meetings with set creators and pore over early product designs and prototypes. Adult brick fans, called AFOLs (adul...

Adult social care services face ‘deluge’ of requests for support

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Adult social care services are facing a “deluge” of requests for support from vulnerable and older people as society starts to open up after the pandemic, according to council care chiefs in England. There has been a ...

Dinos: what do you think of government proposals to introduce adult student loans?

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The government is planning to set up student loans that will be open to adults of all ages, and can be used at any time in life, it was announced in the Queen’s Speech. A ‘Lifelong Loan Entitlement’ would replace the ...

Secret Service extension for Trump’s adult children cost $140,000 in a month

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Donald Trump’s adult children reportedly cost taxpayers $140,000 in Secret Service security in the month after the clan’s patriarch left the White House in January. Ordinarily, family members of a president lose thei...

Adult education, mental health and democracy

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Your leader rightly deplores the severe reductions in adult education and part-time learning provision in recent years (The Guardian view on adult education: bring back evening classes, 21 marzo). This has numerous ne...

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