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UK politics live: public sector pay rises next year could be lower than inflation, minister admits

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Nuutste opdaterings: Paul Scully says pay review bodies will determine ‘appropriate rise’ after chancellor announces end to pay freeze

Cop26 climate deal will be harder than Paris accord, admits Sharma

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Achieving a global climate deal in Glasgow in the next three weeks will be harder than signing the Paris agreement of 2015, the UK president-designate of the Cop26 talks has said. Alok Sharma, the cabinet minister in ...

Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets

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Twitter has admitted it amplifies more tweets from rightwing politicians and news outlets than content from leftwing sources. The social media platform examined tweets from elected officials in seven countries – the U...

Steve Bruce admits future at Newcastle out of his hands after Tottenham loss

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Steve Bruce has admitted his future is out of his hands after enduring defeat in Newcastle’s first match under their new owners but he praised the actions of home supporters for potentially saving a fellow fan’s life ...

Raheem Sterling admits considering move abroad from Manchester City

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Raheem Sterling has admitted he is contemplating a future away from Manchester City and would consider moving abroad. The star of England’s run to the Euro 2020 final has been struggling for game time at City since la...

Net 20 Britse visums uitgereik aan buitelandse vragmotorbestuurders, die regering erken

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Net 20 Britse visums is uitgereik aan HGV-bestuurders uit die buiteland wat die noodaanbod aangeneem het om leë rakke in die aanloop tot Kersfees te vermy, het 'n senior minister erken. Oliver Dowden, die Conserva ...

Man admits killing hotelier Richard Sutton in Dorset but denies murder

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A man has admitted killing the millionaire businessman Richard Sutton, who was found with stab wounds at his Dorset mansion, but has denied murder. Thomas Schreiber, 34, also entered a not guilty plea to the attempted...

Man admits 1987 killings of two women in Tunbridge Wells

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A 67-year-old man has admitted responsibility for the killings of two women more than three decades ago, marking a significant development in one of the UK’s longest unsolved homicide cases. David Fuller admitted kill...

Boris Johnson admits justice system and police serve rape victims badly

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Rape victims in Britain are badly served, Boris Johnson has admitted, as he promised to “stop at nothing to make sure we get more rapists behind bars” and to overhaul the policing of sexual violence after Sarah Everar...

PNG admits Maserati purchase was ‘terrible mistake’ as they go on sale at discounted price

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A fleet of Maserati cars, bought by the Papua New Guinean government for the 2018 Apec leaders’ summit in a move that prompted widespread outrage, has been put up for discounted sale. Finance minister, John Pundari, a ...

Tory donor’s oil firm admits employees paid bribes to get contracts

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A multinational oil firm, which was led by a major Conservative donor, has admitted that its employees paid bribes to land contracts, as it struck a deal to end a corruption investigation into the company. The admissi...

‘Tragic mistake’: Pentagon admits Kabul strike killed 10 civilians – video

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A US drone strike in Kabul last month killed as many as 10 civilians, including up to seven children, Gen Frank McKenzie, the head of Central Command, told reporters on Friday. Senior officers had said the 29 August s...

US admits Kabul strike killed 10 civilians and not Islamic State militants

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A US drone strike in Afghanistan last month killed 10 civilians – including seven children – and not an Islamic State extremist as first claimed, the Pentagon has admitted. In a briefing on Friday the commander of US ...

Arteta admits Arsenal must start to deliver quickly after overhaul

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Mikel Arteta says it is time for Arsenal’s squad to deliver on the promise that made the club the Premier League’s highest spenders this summer. Six players aged 23 or under have been brought in at a cost of £147.5m b...

Leaving Patrick Reed out of Ryder Cup was ‘difficult’, admits Steve Stricker

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The Ryder Cup will take place minus “Captain America” after Patrick Reed was surprisingly omitted from Steve Stricker’s wildcard selections for the US team at Whistling Straits. With six picks available, the US captai...

Police Scotland admits failings contributing to car crash death

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Police Scotland has admitted its failings “materially contributed” to the death of a woman who lay undiscovered in a crashed car with her partner for three days after the incident was reported to police. The force on ...

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