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‘Asleep at the wheel’: Canada police’s spyware admission raises alarm

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An admission from Canada’s national police force that it routinely uses powerful spyware to surveil citizens has prompted concern from experts, who warn the country is “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to regulating...

US supreme court will hear challenge to affirmative action in college admission

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The US supreme court agreed on Monday to hear a pair of cases on race-based affirmative action in college admission, giving the majority-conservative court an opportunity to overturn protections that increase opportun...

Bill Clinton says he is ‘glad to be home’ after hospital admission

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Bill Clinton has released a video saying he is on the road to recovery after being hospitalised in southern California for six days to treat an infection unrelated to Covid-19. Clinton, 75, who arrived home in New Yor...

India Covid variant may increase risk of hospital admission, early data suggests

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The coronavirus variant of concern first discovered in India, known as Delta, is more likely to lead to hospitalisations that the Alpha variant first detected in Kent, data dui daarop, raising further concerns about its...

Amazon apology to Democrat includes admission drivers urinate in bottles

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Amazon has apologized to the congressman Mark Pocan, admitting to scoring an “own goal” in its initial denial of his suggestion that its drivers were sometimes forced to urinate in bottles during delivery rounds. “We...