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The Guardian view on Josephine Baker: a timely addition to the Panthéon

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Above the portico columns of the Panthéon in Paris, which was completed the year after the storming of the Bastille, a solemn inscription reads, “To Great Men From a Grateful Nation”. Well over 200 anni dopo, the fa...

What are nuclear-powered submarines, comunque? A guide to Australia’s looming military addition

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Il primo ministro, Scott Morrison, announced on Thursday morning that Australia would be ripping up its multi-billion dollar contract with the French shipbuilder Naval Group and sign a new deal with the US and UK to ...

‘A great addition’: Aston Villa seal record signing of Norwich’s Emiliano Buendía

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Aston Villa have confirmed the signing of the midfielder Emiliano Buendía from Norwich for a club record £30m plus add-ons that could take the fee to £40m. Buendía was Norwich’s player of the season as they won the Ch...