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Sharp rise in acute medical beds occupied by children with nowhere else to go

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A third of all children’s acute hospital beds in parts of England are being occupied by vulnerable children who do not need acute medical care but have nowhere else to go, safeguarding experts have warned. Doctors say...

Acute skills shortage threatens British film studios’ production boom

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The UK’s £6bn film and TV production boom faces being derailed as an acute skills shortage – from set decorators and special effects experts to accountants – causes delays to shooting schedules and drives up the cost ...

English schools warn of acute teacher shortages without ‘inflation plus’ pay deal

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Schools in England say they face an acute crisis over retention and recruitment without a significant pay increase, as the country’s biggest teaching union warned of strike action this autumn without an “inflation plu...

Sajid Javid to appoint HRT tsar to address acute shortages

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UK ministers are planning to appoint a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) tsar to help solve acute shortages that campaigners say are leaving menopausal women unable to sleep or work. Shortages of HRT products have led...