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Six US Capitol police officers could face discipline for 6 January actions

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An internal investigation by the US Capitol police (USCP) has recommended disciplinary measures against six of its officers for their actions during the 6 January riot, although none will face criminal charges. In a s...

Muslim women in Batley and Spen call out actions of ‘loud minority’ of men

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A group of Muslim women from Batley and Spen have written an open letter condemning “shameful” behaviour that has brought the community “into the limelight for all the wrong reasons”. The women, who write anonymously ...

Beijing issues furious response after Canada condemns repressive actions

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Canada has led more than 40 countries in expressing serious concerns over Beijing’s repressive actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet, prompting a furious response from Beijing over Canada’s colonial history. The ex...

Deplorable actions of a chaotic Home Office

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I received the very intimidating EU settlement letter on Saturday (Home Office sends letters warning of immigration status to UK citizens, 17 Mei). I became a French national 10 jare terug; I’ve been married for 32 yea...

Police are most effective when the public approves of their actions

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Questions of police effectiveness are up in lights here and abroad, with the Metropolitan police the current focus. A new study, published by Warwick University, reminds us this is nothing new. Looking back to the cre...