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Health journals make joint call for urgent action on climate crisis

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Meer as 200 health journals worldwide are publishing an editorial calling on leaders to take emergency action on climate change and to protect health. The British Medical Journal said it is the first time so many pu...

Give us action on climate not just words, say developing nations ahead of Cop26

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Developing countries are calling on the G20 group of advanced economies to come forward urgently with stiffer targets on greenhouse gas emissions, and financial aid, to make this month’s UN Cop26 climate summit a succ...

Cop26: Biden urges action on climate change and vows US will ‘lead by example’

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Joe Biden has warned that the climate crisis poses “the existential threat to human existence as we know it” and urged other world leaders to embark upon a transformational shift to clean energy, as questions linger o...

Queen tells Cop26 in video address it is ‘time for action’ on climate

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The Queen has expressed her hope that world leaders would “rise above the politics of the moment, and achieve true statesmanship” in tackling the climate crisis as she welcomed Cop26 delegates to Glasgow in a recorded...

‘The time for change is now’: demonstrators around the world demand action on climate crisis

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People on almost every continent were gathering for marches and rallies on Saturday to mark a Global Day for Climate Justice, halfpad deur die beraad oor klimaatsverandering in Glasgow. Aktiviste in die Filippyne, eight hour...