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Wêreldleiers het 'n beroep op die gesondheidsvoordele van klimaatsaksie oorweeg

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Meer as 400 internasionale gesondheidsorganisasies en professionele persone, wat twee derdes van die wêreldwye gesondheidsorgwerkers verteenwoordig, het 'n ope brief onderteken waarin 'n beroep op politici gedoen word om die gesondheidsvoordele van die klimaat te oorweeg..

Nurses in England to be balloted on possible strike action over pay

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The prospect of nurses in England striking for the first time has drawn nearer after their union decided to ballot members on taking industrial action over their 3% betalingsverhoging. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) will un...

Wêreldwye klimaatstaking: duisende neem deel aan gekoördineerde optrede regoor die wêreld

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Honderde duisende mense in 99 lande het deelgeneem aan 'n gekoördineerde wêreldwye klimaatstaking wat dringende optrede eis om die ekologiese krisis die hoof te bied. Die staking Vrydag, die eerste wêreldwye klimaataksie ...

The delay of New Zealand’s emissions reduction plan is embarrassing – we need action now

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Verlede week, New Zealand’s government announced a five-month delay to the emissions reduction plan (ERP) – its key programme for combatting climate change. This is gutting – climate decisions by many organisations and i...

Ministers plan legal action to stop Insulate Britain disrupting motorways

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Priti Patel and Grant Shapps are seeking a court injunction to stop environmental protesters from targeting major motorways after five days of tailbacks and damaging headlines for the government. The home secretary an...

Big tech se pro-klimaat retoriek word nie gekoppel aan beleidsoptrede nie, verslag vind

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Die wêreld se grootste tegnologiemaatskappye het sterk verpligtinge om hul klimaatimpak aan te pak, maar as dit kom by die gebruik van hul korporatiewe spiere om te pleit vir sterker klimaatbeleid, hul verlowing is 'n ...

Global shipping is a big emitter, the industry must commit to drastic action before it is too late

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Many communities around the world have recently been confronted with the dangerous impacts of climate change and as world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow for the COP26 summit, are examining what action needs to be ...

Prisoners of the Ghostland review – Nicolas Cage outdoes himself in deranged action movie

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A fantasy action movie starring Nicolas Cage as a bank robber tasked with rescuing the niece of the power-crazed Governor from a cursed netherworld, Prisoners of the Ghostland is an outlandish proposition even before ...

Unison chief warns this could be year of industrial action

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The general secretary of the UK’s biggest union has warned this could be the year of industrial action over pay as workers “feel they have had enough” with low wages, a national insurance rise and universal credit cut...

Brazil players are cleared for Premier League action after days of negotiations

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Premier League clubs have been cleared to play their Brazilian players this weekend after the country’s football federation dropped its demand that Fifa impose the five-day rule. The news follows several days of negot...

Dames Superliga: talking points from the opening weekend’s action

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When Arsenal’s forward Vivianne Miedema wrong-footed the 23-year-old defender Jess Carter and slotted in Arsenal’s first goal against Chelsea on Sunday afternoon the problem that haunted the reigning champions at the ...

Fifa promises action after England players racially abused in Hungary

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Fifa has said it will take “adequate actions” on racist abuse directed at England players once it has received match reports from Thursday’s World Cup qualifier against Hungary in Budapest. The statement from world fo...

TV vanaand: Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays spring back into comedy action

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DI Roy Carver (Stephen Graham) and his resurrected partner DI John Major (Daniel Mays) return for a second season of AI-assisted policing. After the first series ended with the revelation that Carver had got together...

Pentagon chief says US to ‘take actionagainst Kabul airport attackers – video

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Gen Kenneth F McKenzie confirmed the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) had taken responsibility for the suicide bomb attacks at Kabul's airport and the US would take action against those behind it.Two suicide bom...

Scottish minister’s wife pursues legal action against Dundee nursery

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Court action is proceeding against a Dundee nursery over claims it discriminated against the wife and daughter of the Scottish government’s health secretary. Humza Yousaf, who is Muslim, and his wife, Nadia El-Nakla, ...

David Squires on … the Harry Kane saga and the latest Premier League action

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Our cartoonist on a mixed week for Spurs, Michail Antonio’s self-love and Arsenal being Arsenal

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