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The acquittal of the Colston Four does not edit history

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Boris Johnson’s response to the acquittal of the Colston Four has shades of another “trial” – namely, the one that flowed from Franz Kafka’s pen. Here is an individual who condemns the editing of history, yet is happy...

A moral victory: what the acquittal of the Colston Four means for future protests

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Last week a court acquitted four protesters who helped tear down a statue of the notorious slave trader Edward Colston. Damien Gayle describes what the case means for future protests and one of the defendants, Sage Wi...

Konserwatiewe gebeurtenis gee Rittenhouse 'n staande ovasie 'n maand ná vryspraak

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’n Maand ná sy vryspraak op moordaanklagte, Kyle Rittenhouse is Maandagaand by 'n konserwatiewe konferensie in Phoenix 'n staande ovasie gegee, terwyl paneellede gebeure in Kenosha bespreek het, Wisconsin, in 2020, wanneer ...

‘It hurts and it’s wrong’: family of Aboriginal woman shot dead by WA police officer speak out after acquittal

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The family of a Geraldton woman shot dead by a Western Australian police officer has said there is “no equality” and “no justice” for Aboriginal people after the constable was acquitted of her murder on Friday. “In te...