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Bangarra’s Stephen Page and artist Destiny Deacon win $50,000 lifetime achievement awards

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Laas jaar, choreograaf, dancer and director Stephen Page announced that he was stepping down as artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, na 31 years in the job. On Friday night, Page was named the recipient o...

‘A huge achievement’: first woman wins UK’s Fisherman of the Year

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Being a woman in the male-dominated fishing industry has presented some challenges for Ashley Mullenger, who has become the first woman to win a Fisherman of the Year award. “It’s little things like the ankle cut on t...

Marie Kondo: ‘My greatest achievement? Organising the world’

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Born in Tokyo, Marie Kondo, 37, was 19 and studying sociology at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University when she launched a consulting business to help people declutter and organise their homes. In 2014, she published her...

The Guardian view on Dorothy Wordsworth: a rare achievement

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She has been described as “probably the most remarkable and the most distinguished of English prose writers who never wrote a line for the general public”; many have also argued that she directly influenced the course...

John Agard becomes first poet to win BookTrust lifetime achievement award

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The Afro-Guyanese writer John Agard has become the first poet to receive the BookTrust lifetime achievement award. Agard, who was born in Georgetown, Guyana and moved to England in 1977, has been a fixture on the curr...

Johnny Depp says ‘no one safe’ from cancel culture as he accepts lifetime achievement award

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Nobody is safe from the “instant rush to judgment” handed out by today’s cancel culture, Hollywood star Johnny Depp said Wednesday at a Spanish film festival where he accepted a lifetime achievement award. Depp, who l...

Johnny Depp to get lifetime achievement award from prominent film festival

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Johnny Depp is to receive a lifetime achievement award from the San Sebastián film festival. In a statement on its website, the festival, based in the Basque resort town, praised Depp as “one of contemporary cinema’s ...

Painting Time by Maylis de Kerangal review – a bravura achievement

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As she wanders the immense backlot of Rome’s Cinecittà film studio – “Hollywood on the Tiber” – the heroine of Maylis de Kerangal’s Painting Time is struck by how unreal the sets seem up close, how patently confected....