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14 of Britain’s best pubs with self-catering accommodation

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In the heart of the Forest of Bowland, the Inn at Whitewell has a proper middle-of-nowhere feel, though actually it’s right in the middle of the country (the nearest village, Dunsop Bridge, has a phone box which offic...

Migrerende, sluipslaper wat uitgesit word uit Londen-akkommodasie

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'N Onreëlmatige migrerende slaper word deur 'n Londense raad uitgesit uit noodhotelverblyf omdat hy weier om na sy vaderland terug te keer. 'N Brief van die Westminster-raad aan die individu lui dat die volgende ...

Home Office records 70 racist incidents by far right at asylum accommodation

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The Home Office has recorded 70 racist incidents by far-right supporters against asylum seekers in barracks and hotel accommodation, according to a freedom of information response obtained by the Guardian. Egter, ca...