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Green spaces are not accessible for 2.8m people in UK, vind studie

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Byna 2.8 million people in the UK live more than 10 minutes walk from a public park, garden or playing field, volgens navorsing. Fields in Trust, which protects and campaigns for public green spaces, found just ...

Teachers encouraged to use Taylor Swift lyrics to make Latin accessible

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Latin teachers are being encouraged to use Taylor Swift’s lyrics, Disney songs, Minecraft and fan fiction to help make the ancient language of Virgil and Cicero more accessible to their 21st-century students. In recen...

'Moet toeganklik wees': Derbyshire-LP druk voort met operasies van aangesig tot aangesig

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Ten minste een keer per week, Robert Largan, Konserwatiewe LP vir High Peak in Derbyshire, 'n operasie hou. Dit kan buite 'n supermark of 'n treinstasie in sy enorme 200-vk-myl plek wees, maar elkeen loop dieselfde. Eerste ...

Sista Sister by Candice Brathwaite review – direct, accessible and very funny

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Candice Brathwaite leaves no doubt about who she thinks of as Sista Sister’s audience. “I want black girls and women to read my books and to know that first and foremost, I am entering a dialogue with them”, she write...

An avenue to other worlds: Auditorial, a new idea for accessible storytelling

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Audio storytelling is an avenue into other worlds. So when the Guardian was approached to take part in an experimental project to make journalism more accessible to low-vision and blind users, it felt like an opportun...

‘Accessible, affordable joy on a plate’: the endurance of fairy bread

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The pale yellow spread is spread thickly on the improbably white bread. Then – slap! It flips on to a plate and a shallow sea of hundreds of thousands which tinkle gently when disturbed. A firm press on its back befor...