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Accepted: behind a US college admissions scandal and the students affected

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The viral videos all had the same format: a black student sits at a nondescript table, nervously hovering over a laptop, surrounded by a phalanx of mostly black students, phone cameras at the ready to capture the mome...

Boris Johnson accepted officials’ advice on £400m Iran debt, ex-minister says

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Boris Johnson appeared to accept advice while foreign secretary that payment of the £400m debt to Iran must not be linked to the release of the British-Iranian dual nationals, according to evidence given to MPs by his...

‘My skin tone is not really accepted’: model Nyakim Gatwech on colorism and Instagram

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“Would he call his wife or his daughter a freak of nature?” wonders Nyakim Gatwech, the 29-year-old model targeted in a racism scandal that shook an Ivy League university. “His words are not just affecting me, but dar...

Blanke aansoekers tot staatsdiensskema het teen veel hoër koerse aanvaar, syfers toon

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Wit aansoekers vir die regering se elite-gegradueerde skema is drie keer meer geneig om 'n plek te wen as hul swart eweknieë, nuwe ontleding toon. 'n Rekordgetal gegradueerdes het aansoek gedoen om by die Britse regering se ...