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Prince Charles will no longer accept large cash donations for charities

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The Prince of Wales will no longer accept large cash donations for his charities, a senior royal source has said, after Charles faced criticism over claims he received €3m from a billionaire Qatari sheikh reportedly s...

The NHS wreckers cannot accept that the British public still back it

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“Are we falling out of love with the NHS?” That Spectator question ricochets around the rightwing media in a hailstorm of attacks on the NHS. They expect trouble if next month’s NHS pay review bodies recommend deeper ...

Biden calls for assault weapons ban in fiery speech: ‘how much carnage will we accept?’

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Joe Biden has urged for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines after a series of mass shootings that stunned America, N ander keer: “How much more carnage are we willing to accept?” In a primetime White Hou...

UK must accept border on Irish Sea is inevitable, says ex-WTO chief

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Boris Johnson’s row with the EU over Northern Ireland’s Brexit arrangements is “absolutely solvable” but only if the UK accepts that a border is inevitable, the former head of the World Trade Organization has said. Hierdie....

Yemen’s warring sides accept two-month truce starting with Ramadan

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Yemen’s warring sides have accepted a two-month truce, starting with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, according to the UN envoy to the country. Hans Grundberg announced the agreement from Amman, Jordan, after meeting...

If the west can harbor Ukrainians, it can accept the many climate refugees to come

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Global migration policy has started to move in a more humane direction in response to the invasion of Ukraine. While many states are welcoming displaced Ukrainians, this is a far cry from how those states typically tr...

US to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing war, sources say

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The United States plans to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, two sources familiar with the forthcoming announcement told Reuters. The expected announcement comes as Joe Biden meets with Eur...

Iran nuclear deal talks stall as Tehran urges US to accept terms

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Marathon talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal have hit a new roadblock, with Iran accusing the US of refusing to make the necessary political decisions to entrench the agreement in international law or to broaden the...

‘You don’t have to accept every invite’: nine empowering tips for navigating your early 20s

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Your early 20s are an incredibly exciting time. You’re starting your career, meeting so many new people and generally making the most of being young and free. Natuurlik, it’s also a time in your life that comes with i...

Yorkshire accept Azeem Rafiq was victim of racial harassment and bullying

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Yorkshire have accepted there was “no question” Azeem Rafiq was the victim of racial harassment and bullying during his first spell at the county. Last summer Rafiq made serious allegations about his time at the club,...

Australian Open boss Craig Tiley warns players will not accept strict quarantine again

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Australian Open boss Craig Tiley is warning international tennis players will not accept the same strict quarantine conditions required for the 2021 tournament. After the cancellation of the Formula One Australian gra...

Sunak could accept four-week delay to ending Covid restrictions in England

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Rishi Sunak is willing to accept a delay of up to four weeks to the final stage of England’s reopening roadmap, die Guardian verstaan, as the government considers extending restrictions beyond 21 Junie. Ministers wi...

Hermes-koeriers beweer dat hulle aangesê is om betaalverlagings te aanvaar of werk te verloor

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Beskuldigings van uitbuitende werkspraktyke by een van die grootste afleweringsondernemings in die Verenigde Koninkryk moet deur 'n invloedryke parlementêre komitee oorweeg word nadat Hermes-koeriers beweer het dat hulle aangesê is om die loonverlaging te aanvaar..

Elon Musk says Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin due to fossil fuel use

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Tesla has suspended the use of bitcoin to purchase its vehicles, Elon Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday, citing concerns about the use of fossil fuel for bitcoin mining. Bitcoin, the world’s biggest digital currency,...

Until Labour remainers properly accept Brexit, the party will be stuck in limbo

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Tradisioneel, Europe is the issue that afflicts the Conservative party. Margaret Thatcher, John Major, David Cameron and Theresa May were all – in different ways – booted out of Downing Street as a result of Britain’...

Sadiq Khan: British voters will not accept a PM involved in sleaze

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Conservative MPs defending Boris Johnson’s lack of transparency over the funding of his flat renovations should “have a look at themselves in the mirror”, Sadiq Khan has said, predicting sleaze would eventually affect...

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