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Academic calls on universities minister to defend her freedom of speech

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A Cambridge University academic has called on the universities minister to defend her freedom of speech, after a claim that her invitation to speak to civil servants was cancelled because of a tweet criticising Priti ...

University defends ‘academic freedoms’ after calls to sack professor

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A university has said it will not tolerate threats to “academic freedoms” after a professor faced calls to be sacked over her views on gender identification. An anonymous group is campaigning to remove Kathleen Stock,...

El personal universitario del Reino Unido votará sobre la acción de huelga el próximo año académico

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El personal de la universidad será votado en acción de huelga en el próximo año académico, reavivando su batalla con los empleadores por los fuertes recortes en los beneficios de las pensiones justo cuando los campus se recuperan de los efectos de la disrupción de Covid..

The Guardian view on academic freedom: ministers’ claims don’t add up

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Academic freedom should be sacrosanct. To foster a culture of intellectual inquiry, and develop expertise, is the point of universities. In a society that values education, those engaged in the production of knowledge...

Chinese academic suspended for advocating polygamy

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A Chinese academic has been suspended by his university after he advocated polygamy on his personal WeChat account, sparking a new discussion around China’s evolving attitudes towards sex. Bao Yinan, a legal researche...

Dinos: how is your school marking the end of the academic year?

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End of year proms have been cancelled or postponed at secondary schools after the extension of the national lockdown in England. We would like to hear about what primary and secondary schools are planning to do for th...

Horas escolares más largas no cubrirán las brechas de aprendizaje de Covid, dice el académico de Cambridge

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Mantener a los alumnos en la escuela durante lecciones más largas no sería suficiente para superar las brechas en su aprendizaje causadas por la interrupción de Covid, según una investigación de un académico de la Universidad de Cambridge. Con el gobierno en En ...

British academic sues UAE officials over torture claims while in detention

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Matthew Hedges, the British academic convicted on spying charges by the United Arab Emirates after travelling to Dubai to conduct research, is suing four senior officials from the Gulf state he alleges were complicit ...

Australian academic ‘haunted’ by possibility of false confession during torture in Qatar

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An Australian public health professor alleges he told Australian consulate staff he was being tortured and held without charge they visited him in a Qatari prison, but says they did nothing to help. Biostatistician Pr...

I’m quitting as an academic because of racism and joining Surrey police

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As students and staff contemplate returning to campus after a long time away, I am moving in the opposite direction. Después 13 years as an academic, in love with my subject and with teaching, and in the midst of a pand...