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China’s accidental feminist icon: ‘I left my abusive husband for a life on the road’ - video

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56-year-old Su Min decided to leave her abusive relationship and embark on an open-ended solo road trip. In China, where women are frequently expected to serve the role of a dutiful housewife and support their husband...

Defaced petroglyphs force rock climbers to reckon with sport’s abusive past

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Richard Gilbert claims he had no idea he was doing anything wrong when he drilled bolts into a rock wall in Utah to establish three new climbing routes, illegally defacing a 1,000-year-old Indigenous cultural site. Cl...

Disgraced Theranos founder will blame ‘abusive’ ex-boyfriend in fraud trial

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The disgraced founder of the blood-testing startup Theranos plans to blame emotional and sexual abuse by her former boyfriend, also a senior executive at the company, at her federal fraud trial beginning next week, ac...

Mother killed children’s abusive father to save them, French court hears

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To their neighbours in the small village of Baudemont, in the Burgundy region north of Lyon, the Polette family seemed perfectly normal. They were discreet and did not socialise, but when they did villagers remarked t...

My abusive ex-husband is about to visit and I don’t feel safe

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Next month my ex-husband is coming over from abroad to meet our son’s new baby. The whole family is viewing the prospect with alarm. He left when our son was one and our daughter four, and subjected me to all kinds of...

Scott Rudin resigns from Broadway League over alleged abusive behavior

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The powerful film and theatre producer Scott Rudin is resigning from the Broadway League, the trade association for producers and theatre owners, almost three weeks after being first accused of decades of abusive beha...

Twitter deletes Nigerian president’s ‘abusive’ Biafra tweet

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Twitter has deleted a tweet by Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari in which he threatened to punish pro-Biafra groups blamed for escalating attacks on government and security authorities. The social media firm said B...

Twitter launches prompt in bid to reduce abusive language

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Many of us have dashed off a mean-spirited reply in the heat of the moment. Nou, Twitter wants to appeal to the good inside even the most callous trolls in an attempt to improve the tone of its social network. From Th...

Twitter trials anti-troll tool that automatically blocks abusive users

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Twitter is trialling an anti-troll feature that will automatically block accounts sending abuse to users. Once Twitter’s new “safety mode” is activated by a user, it will temporarily block accounts for seven days if t...