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‘My nightmares came true’: ex-prosecutor of Afghan women’s abusers

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The Taliban blighted *Negin’s childhood with their ban on girls’ education, but she overcame the late start to her schooling to become a senior prosecutor. Afghanistan’s legal system was slow and often corrupt, but i...

How the US fails to take away guns from domestic abusers: ‘these deaths are preventable’

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Nota del editor: This story was produced by the non-profit newsroom Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. Get its investigations emailed directly to you. Paige Mitchell and Bradley Gray forged a bond over ...

Harvey Weinstein PA says abusers still have the legal power to silence victims

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In the weeks after she first broke her non-disclosure agreement, Zelda Perkins, Harvey Weinstein’s former personal assistant, felt dizzy with optimism. After an appearance on Newsnight in 2017, in which she spoke publ...

Domestic abusers ‘weaponised’ Covid in England and Wales, hallazgos del estudio

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Coronavirus was “weaponised” by domestic abusers during the pandemic and police forces should remain alert to “Covid blaming” as an excuse or defence by suspects, un estudio ha encontrado. The Domestic Homicide Project, esta...

Berlin’s No 1 digital detective agency is on the trail of human rights abusers

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With its high ceilings, white walls and bleached pine furniture it could be one of the many artist’s studios or galleries that dot this corner of central Berlin. A grey curtain with plastic holes, stitched together by...

£17bn of UK arms sold to rights’ abusers

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Two-thirds of countries classified as “not free” because of their dire record on human rights and civil liberties have received weapons licensed by the UK government over the past decade, new analysis reveals. Between...

One third of convicted child abusers across England and Wales avoid prison

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Ministers are facing demands to explain why thousands of convicted sexual offenders across England and Wales have avoided prison. An Observer investigation found that adults convicted of sexually assaulting children u...

Anger as Tory MPs vote against register for stalkers and domestic abusers

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The government is facing growing anger after voting against putting serial stalkers and domestic abusers on a national register, despite briefing they were likely to support the measures following the death of Sarah E...

Foreign Office defends Raab remarks on trade with rights abusers

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Dominic Raab has tried to fend off claims that he told Foreign Office staff that the UK intended to trade with countries with poor human rights records. In a leaked recording of a briefing by the foreign secretary, pa...