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‘Absolutely heartbreaking’: Texans seeking abortions forced to travel for hours

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The 33-year-old Texas woman drove alone four hours through the night to get to the Louisiana abortion clinic for a consultation. She initially planned to sleep in her car, but an advocacy group helped arrange a hotel ...

‘Absolutely wounded’: Tyson Fury laments Anthony Joshua’s loss to Usyk

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Tyson Fury says he was “absolutely wounded” by Anthony Joshua being defeated by Oleksandr Usyk. Joshua lost his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles as Ukraine’s Usyk secured a unanimous decision win at Tottenham Hotsp...

'Absoluut waansin': Tieners in Melbourne onthul dat hulle agter die toonaangewende Covid -opsporingswebwerf staan

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Dit blyk dat een van die mees gesaghebbende Covid-19-opsporingswerwe in Australië deur drie tieners bestuur word. Die drietal, wat CovidbaseAU bestuur het, het deel geword van hul eie statistieke nadat hulle hul eerste dosis gekry het..

‘I was absolutely terrified of Olivia’: Sydney Sweeney on her White Lotus character

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I typically heard two reactions from people who watched The White Lotus this summer: een, that they were obsessed with the HBO show, a breakout hit about a cursed week at a Hawaiian resort. Two, that they were terrifi...

Inside an Oregon hospital amid an ‘absolutely stunning’ Covid surge

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There was a time earlier this summer when April Rivera and the staff at the drive-through Covid testing site in southern Oregon where she worked had considered closing their doors because demand was so low. Nou, hundr...

‘We’re all absolutely knackered’ says MP’s office manager

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As soon as the pandemic began the casework just exploded. We were receiving more than 600 emails a day, some of which were petitions or chain letters, but hundreds were from people in immediate, desperate need. I’ve w...

‘Absolutely gutted’: Britain’s Jade Jones laments shock Olympic taekwondo exit

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A forlorn-looking Jade Jones admitted she was left feeling “absolutely gutted” by defeat at the first hurdle in Tokyo 2020. Jones came to these Olympic Games looking to become the first taekwondo athlete to win a thir...

Sonny Stores, Bristol: ‘They get things absolutely right’ – restaurant review

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Sonny Stores, 47 Raleigh Road, Bristol BS3 1QS (0117 966 0821). Starters £4-£9, mains £13-£19, desserts £6, wines from £18 There is no glittering river running down the middle of Raleigh Road, in Bristol’s Southville ...

‘Absolutely unbelievable’: goal from own half scored in 124th minute – video

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Glen McAuley, formerly of English Premier League side Liverpool, completed his hat-trick with a stunning 124th-minute equaliser from inside his own half in an astonishing FAI (Football Association of Ireland) Cup matc...

‘It’s absolutely enormous’: Uefa’s Conference League gets thumbs-up from smaller clubs

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It would be understandable if Premier League fans thought Uefa’s latest wheeze was intended as just another way for Tottenham to embarrass themselves. But football does not revolve entirely around the big clubs, at le...

‘Absolutely gutted’: England fans devastated after Italy win Euro 2020 - video

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Sombre English football fans made their way home on Sunday evening after England lost to Italy in a penalty shootout at Euro 2020. The Azzurri won the European Championship 3-2 on penalties, following a match that end...

‘Mancini has been absolutely wonderful’: praise for manager as Rome unites behind Italy

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“There’s been a very tense atmosphere in Rome all day,” said Claudia Iacobazzo, a bartender. “Obviously I want Italy to win, but I like England, so I’d be happy for them too.” Victory or loss, the European football ch...

‘Absolutely intolerable’: China slams US and EU Hong Kong Tiananmen candles

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China has berated the US and EU consulates in Hong Kong for displaying candles to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre , blasting it as a “clumsy political show” to destabilise the city. Candles were seen lit in ...

Britain has promised net zero – but it’s on track to achieve absolutely nothing

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Every week governments make headline announcements about saving the planet, and every week their small print unsaves it. The latest puff by the G7 is a classic of this genre. Apparently, all seven governments have com...

The Pursuit of Love review – absolutely glorious

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For some reason – but never lack of urging by friends – I have not read any Nancy Mitford, including her most famous novel The Pursuit of Love, a perennial bestseller since its publication in 1945. I have absorbed the...

‘Are we in trouble? Absolutely’: Alberta battles worst Covid rate in North America

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In an open field outside the prairie town of Bowden, Alberta, hundreds of people braved chilly winds and the threat of spring rain to attend their first rodeo in more than a year. For the unmasked attendees cheering o...

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