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Ukrainian boy and his family leave cellar after 87 days for safety abroad

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The last child in a ruined village in north-east Ukraine has been evacuated with his family from the basement in which they lived for three months after a benefactor read of their plight in the Guardian. Tymofiy Seido...

Want to avoid card fees for cash withdrawals abroad? Here’s how …

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Using a typical credit or debit card to withdraw cash on an overseas break could mean paying costly and unnecessary fees. But shop around before you go and you could avoid paying over the odds. The financial firm Mone...

Zimbabweans abroad switch to food delivery apps to help family at home

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With the click of a button and a few phone calls from Wolverhampton, in England’s West Midlands, Sharonrose Manhiri ensures her grandmother in Zimbabwe’s Honde valley receives her groceries every month. Manhiri is one...

Patel’s plans to process asylum seekers abroad facing Tory rebellion

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Priti Patel’s plans to process asylum seekers abroad are facing a Conservative rebellion next week, with MPs calling the proposal “clearly ridiculous” ahead of a vote on the nationality and borders bill. Amendments ci...

From Churchill to Pearl Harbor, Zelenskiy’s speeches push the right buttons abroad

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To MPs in London, he channelled Churchill and Shakespeare. To the US Congress, he evoked Pearl Harbor and 9/11. For the Bundestag it was the Berlin Wall; for Canada’s lawmakers, their large Ukrainian community. MEPs i...

Don’t buy from abroad, Chinese told as Covid threatens Olympics and holidays

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Chinese authorities are urging citizens not to order goods from overseas, in the latest extreme measure aimed at curbing Covid outbreaks only weeks away from the biggest holiday of the year and the start of the Beijin...

David Squires on … Romelu Lukaku and the art of an interview abroad

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Our resident cartoonist on the Chelsea striker, Thomas Tuchel’s response and a Captain, Leader, Legend lightening the mood

Una pesadilla de 975 días: cómo el Ministerio del Interior obligó a un ciudadano británico a la indigencia en el extranjero

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Hace ocho meses, los eventos que destrozaron la vida de Richard Amoah, un tapicero de 58 años del sur de Londres, se condensaron en una serie de sucintos, párrafos sin emociones, mecanografiado en casillas en un formulario de 18 páginas..

Chinese agents operating abroad to get Uyghurs deported, ICC told

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Chinese officials are operating in foreign countries to get Uyghurs deported back to China by creating visa problems and coercing them into becoming informants, evidence given to the international criminal court alleg...

New tax rate on top US firms abroad will help Americans at home, Yellen says

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The treasury secretary Janet Yellen has said US multinationals who have spent years avoiding paying tax on American soil will be forced to help fund improvements to education, social and infrastructure programmes, tha...

If opposition parties abroad can put aside their differences, why can’t Davey, Starmer and co?

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The uniting of the opposition in 2023 was a moment of optimism built out of despair. Labor, the Lib Dems, Greens and Welsh Nationalists resolved to do whatever it took to drive Boris Johnson from power. Under the slo...

Queremos comprar nuestra primera casa y luego mudarnos al extranjero. Es posible?

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P Mi novia y yo estamos pensando en comprar nuestra primera propiedad juntos. (ninguno de nosotros ha comprado o tenido una propiedad antes). Pero estamos pensando en mudarnos al extranjero dentro de unos años y mantener la propiedad aquí y ....

Iraq captures alleged Islamic State finance chief in operation abroad

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Iraq has captured the alleged finance chief of the Islamic State group, Sami Jasim al-Jaburi, who was sought by the US, in an operation abroad, Iraqi authorities have said. Jaburi, also the suspected former deputy to ...

‘Only yourselves to blame’: UK’s shortages seen from abroad

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Government ministers may insist it is “wrong” to blame Brexit for Britain’s fuel, food and labour shortages, but for the rest of Europe – and beyond – there is only one reason why the UK’s crisis is so very much worse...

Unless New Zealand wants to be a ‘fortress’ it must engage more with Kiwis abroad

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What makes a New Zealander outside of New Zealand? An accent (which can be lost), or a passport (which can be bought)? Is it a set of irrevocable rights, an identity that anyone can claim and no one can question? Or d...

China to stop building new coal-fired power projects abroad, says Xi Jinping – video

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Chinese president Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that China will step up support for other developing countries in developing green and low-carbon energy, and will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad.Xi made th...

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