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Abramovich was not ‘directed’ to buy Chelsea FC by Putin, il tribunale ascolta

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Roman Abramovich’s lawyer said it was defamatory to describe the businessman as having “a corrupt relationship” with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and that he had acted “covertly at his direction” in key busi...

High court hears opening salvos in libel case brought by Roman Abramovich

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Questa settimana, in the Victorian confines of London’s high court, massed ranks of lawyers acting for three Russian billionaires and state-controlled oil company Rosneft engaged in the first courtroom phase of a legal actio...

Abramovich must give Tuchel the freedom to follow Guardiola’s path

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Although it would be understandable if Roman Abramovich feels pangs of envy when he watches Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, there is a difference between wanting attacking football and being prepared to create an env...