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Il tribunale della Florida dichiara che l'adolescente "non è abbastanza maturo" per abortire

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A un'adolescente incinta verrà impedito di abortire, un tribunale della Florida si è pronunciato lunedì. La 16enne ha inizialmente presentato una petizione per interrompere la gravidanza, citando il fatto di essere una studentessa e disoccupata come ragioni per cui sei tu...

'Più vocale, più aggressivo': crescono le richieste per la zona cuscinetto di protesta presso la clinica per aborti di Bournemouth

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Thea Griggs ha scoperto di essere incinta il giorno prima del suo 21esimo compleanno, nel 2018. Nei giorni che seguirono, non era sicura di cosa fare. Aveva appena lasciato una relazione difficile e non aveva i mezzi finanziari...

residenti di Bournemouth: condividi le tue opinioni su una zona cuscinetto di una clinica per aborti

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Bournemouth, Christchurch e Poole (BCP) il comune ha avviato una consultazione sui piani per una zona cuscinetto al di fuori di una clinica per aborti. I residenti sono incoraggiati a rispondere alla consultazione sull'opportunità di implementare...

residenti di Bournemouth: condividi le tue opinioni su una zona cuscinetto di una clinica per aborti

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Il consiglio di Bournemouth ha avviato una consultazione sui piani per una zona cuscinetto al di fuori di una clinica per aborti. I residenti locali sono incoraggiati a rispondere alla consultazione sull'opportunità di implementare una zona cuscinetto all'esterno..

Ron DeSantis suspends Florida prosector who promised not to enforce abortion ban

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Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, suspended the elected state prosecutor of Tampa on Thursday, for pledging not to enforce a new 15-week abortion ban and for supporting gender transition treatments for...

Kansas abortion referendum drives record number of voters to polls

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Most primary elections only turn out a small portion of the electorate – but this year’s Kansas primary was unlike any other in the state. This year’s primary ballot included a question to decide whether to stop the s...

‘We could feel it’: Kansans celebrate upset abortion rights victory

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In a conference room at the Sheraton in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, people screamed, whooped, cheered and cried as a vote to protect abortion rights in Kansas’s state constitution came down late on Tuesda...

Biden set to sign second executive order to protect abortion access

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Joe Biden is set to sign a second executive order on Wednesday that aims to protect access to reproductive healthcare after the US supreme court struck down the constitutional right to abortion. Most significantly, ns...

Feminists in India applaud their abortion rights – but they don’t extend to Dalit women

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Sitting in my second-year law class as Roe v Wade was overturned, I watched young women hail India’s abortion legislation. My heart broke a little more each time my “feminist” classmates flattered the law protecting t...

Kansas votes to protect abortion rights in state constitution

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Kansans secured a huge win for abortion rights in the US on Tuesday night when they voted to continue to protect abortion in the state constitution. The race was called by a host of US groups like NBC News, the New Yo...

Abortion access, Trump’s sway and US democracy hang in balance in primaries

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Polls are beginning to close in several states, where a series of consequential primary races will test Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican party, the future of abortion access and the fate of American democr...

Justice department sues Idaho over state’s near-total abortion ban

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The Biden administration’s Department of Justice is suing Idaho over the state’s near-total abortion ban, set to take effect on 25 agosto. The lawsuit is the justice department’s first piece of litigation aimed at pro...

Why the language on the Kansas abortion ballot is so confusing

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Martedì, voters in Kansas will be voting on whether the state’s constitution protects the right to an abortion. Da una parte, this vote could be seen as a litmus test for how a traditionally conservative state react...

‘I’m not a radical’: Kansas split ahead of critical post-Roe abortion vote

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Su 13 luglio, Sarah McGinnity, 39, sat down with her mother, 67, and six-year-old daughter and carefully wrote postcards to people she’d never met. “Dear voter, it will take all of us to protect reproductive rights in K...

sì, Republicans really did try to make abortion punishable by death

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Is it legal to kill someone who is about to have an abortion? I know that sounds like a ridiculous question, but some people on the far right would like it to be. Social media was recently awash with outrage over a bi...

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