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Supreme court refuses to block Texas abortion ban but will hear challenges

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The US supreme court allowed a Texas law that bans the vast majority of abortions to temporarily remain in effect, but will hear arguments on 1 November. Die wet, known as Senate Bill 8, bans the procedure after rough...

‘Outraged, sickened, terrified’: Guardian readers on the Texas abortion ban

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The US supreme court voted 5-4 to allow a Texas law banning most abortions to remain in force. The law prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks and before mo...

How does someone in Texas get an abortion now and what’s next?

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The vast majority of people in Texas can effectively no longer access an abortion in the state after it banned the procedure except in the earliest weeks of pregnancy often before most know they are pregnant. In 'n 5-...

Biden dring daarop aan dat die hooggeregshof Texas se byna totale aborsieverbod blokkeer

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Die Biden-administrasie het die hooggeregshof gevra om Texas se uiterste aborsieverbod te blokkeer, aangesien 'n stryd oor die grondwetlikheid daarvan in die howe afspeel. Die Texas wet, wat die meeste aborsies in die staat gestop het, van...

Feminists warned about America’s abortion crisis for years. We were written off as hysterical

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This was predictable. In werklikheid, it was predicted. The end of Roe v Wade and nationwide protections for abortion rights became likely in 2016, the night that Donald Trump was elected. It became inevitable in 2018, wanneer ...

Call Jane review – abortion drama is sensitive if not revelatory

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“The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!” chants a group of student protesters – “yippies”, in the eyes of suspicious, coiffed lawyers – in the opening scene of Call Jane, screenwriter Phyllis Nagy’s...

Texas abortion ‘whistleblower’ website forced offline

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Troubles are mounting for a Texas website used to report violators of the state’s extreme anti-abortion legislation after the site was forced offline by two different web hosting platforms. The site ProLifeWhistleblow...

Texas valedictorian goes off-script to slam abortion ban: ‘it’s dehumanizing’

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The valedictorian at a Texas high school went off-script while delivering her graduation speech, criticising the state’s extreme abortion ban in an address that has since been widely shared on social media. School adm...

Texas governor accused of ‘deep ignorance’ after abortion comments – live

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Greg Abbott said women still had six weeks to seek a termination under a controversial law – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called his remarks ‘disgusting’

Biden administration asks federal court to block enforcement of Texas abortion ban

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The Biden administration has formally asked a federal judge to block enforcement of a new Texas law that effectively bans almost all abortions in the state under a novel legal design that opponents say is intended to ...

US supreme court to hear oral arguments over Texas abortion law

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The US supreme court is set to hear oral arguments over whether Texas can continue to allow private citizens to enforce a controversial six-week abortion ban on Monday. Texas’s ban has halted the vast majority of abor...

Sotomayor decries abortion ruling but court’s conservatives show their muscle

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Sonia Sotomayor, the liberal-leaning justice on the US supreme court, put it plainly. For almost three months, lawmakers in the Republican-controlled legislature of Texas had “substantially suspended a constitutional ...

A ‘fundamental’ right: a timeline of US abortion rights since Roe v Wade

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The landmark 1973 supreme court case Roe v Wade guaranteed the right to an abortion in the United States. Nou, nearly five decades later, that right is under threat as the court prepares to hear oral arguments in a ne...

Mexico activists celebrate abortion ruling as a sign of culture change

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Activists in Mexico have hailed a supreme court decision to decriminalize abortion, saying it would stop the legal prosecution of women who terminate their pregnancies – and those reported to the authorities after suf...

The supreme court’s abortion ruling is even more unsettling than it may seem

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Don’t be fooled by the supreme court’s nominal hedging on its endorsement of SB8, the Texas abortion ban that deputizes private citizens to sue anyone who assists in an abortion after six weeks’ gestation. In a ruling...

Rapinoe among 500 athletes urging US supreme court to protect abortion rights

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A group of prominent women athletes, including soccer star Megan Rapinoe and basketball standouts Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, on Monday urged the US supreme court to protect abortion rights in a case involving Mississ...

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