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Aboriginal health service asks Kimberley churches to counter Covid vaccine misinformation

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The Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services has written to local churches asking them to counter dangerous misinformation promoting vaccine hesitancy among Aboriginal communities. It comes after the Western Australian s...

The Wheel of Time actor Madeleine Madden: ‘As an Aboriginal woman, my life is politicised’

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When she walked into the London casting room of The Wheel of Time, Madeleine Madden scanned the faces – a sea of white – and thought, “Yep, standard.” To announce her presence, she politely inquired, “The Wheel of Tim...

Aboriginal man in Dubbo first Indigenous person in Australia to die with Covid

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An Aboriginal man in Dubbo has become the first Indigenous person in Australia to die with Covid-19. The man in his 50s died in the Dubbo regional hospital on Sunday. He had been in intensive care and had underlying h...

Farmer sorry for damaging Aboriginal site says he did not know it was heritage-listed

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A Victorian farmer has apologised for damaging a 1,500-year-old Aboriginal heritage site, saying he was not aware it was heritage-listed and did not know the rocks he moved were part of the significant site. The Kuyun...

Northern Territory urged to accommodate homeless Aboriginal people during Covid lockdown

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Aboriginal organisations have expressed frustration at the Northern Territory government’s “flawed” pandemic response, demanding it do more to accommodate hundreds of Aboriginal people sleeping rough around town centr...

A year on from the Juukan Gorge destruction, Aboriginal sacred sites remain unprotected

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The Western Australian government has refused to commit to a moratorium on approving the destruction of Aboriginal heritage sites, despite the recommendation of a Senate committee which found that the laws are “unfit ...

‘Relentless and traumatising’: Aboriginal advocates demand action after third death in custody

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Aboriginal justice advocates have expressed their devastation following a third Indigenous death in custody in a week and suggested the Australian prime minister urgently meet with bereaved families to progress reform...

Crown among big companies given government funding to employ Aboriginal people

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Crown Resorts, the casino giant facing royal commissions in two states over allegations of facilitating money laundering and allowing junkets linked to organised crime to bring in high-rolling gamblers, is among big c...

Fourth Aboriginal death in custody in three weeks leaves advocates ‘devastated

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Call for independent investigation into death of Barkindji man Anzac Sullivan, 37, during police pursuit in Broken HillLegal advocates say they are “devastated and furious” at the news there has been a fourth Aborigin...

Actualización en vivo de noticias de Australia: Victoria debatirá controvertidas leyes sobre pandemias; NT registra el primer caso de Covid en una comunidad aborigen remota

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El gobierno de Andrews acuerda suavizar la legislación después de negociaciones de undécima hora con diputados cruzados clave. Siga las actualizaciones en vivo

474 deaths in 30 años: why are Aboriginal people still dying in custody?

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With the release of the third update of the Deaths Inside database, Gabrielle Jackson talks to Lorena Allam and Mike Ticher about what needs to change so we are not having the same conversation in 30 years’ time ...

‘This festering crisis’: Aboriginal people have the solutions to ending deaths in custody

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The royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody was established by the Hawke government in August 1987 because manifold deaths had fomented common suspicions that foul play was endemic in police stations and pr...