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Case of Iranian-born woman abducted by fake officers baffles Canadian police

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On a cold winter night, three armed men disguised as police officers arrived at a suburban home in a small Canadian resort town and knocked on the door, claiming that they had an arrest warrant for a 37-year-old woman...

Ukrainian photographer missing from Kyiv frontline and feared abducted

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The disappearance of a photojournalist who was reporting from a frontline near Kyiv more than a week ago has fuelled growing concerns over the dangers faced by Ukrainian journalists covering Russia’s invasion of their...

Abducted Afghan psychiatrist found dead weeks after disappearance

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One of Afghanistan’s most prominent psychiatrists, who was abducted by armed men in September, has been found dead, his family has confirmed. Dr Nader Alemi’s daughter, Manizheh Abreen, said that her father had been ...

Man in China reunited with son abducted 24 anni fa

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A Chinese father has been reunited with his son 24 years after he was abducted by human traffickers in front of their home in Shandong at the age of two in 1997. Guo Gangtang spent 24 years crisscrossing the country, ...