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Nigeria: families gather at school after gunmen abduct 140 pupils – video

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Distraught parents have gathered outside a boarding school in north-western Nigeria after gunmen kidnapped 140 children, the latest in a wave of mass abductions targeting schoolchildren and students in the country. Ab...

Gunmen in Nigeria abduct about 150 students from Islamic school

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An armed gang has abducted students from an Islamic school in the north-central Nigerian state of Niger. The school’s owner, Abubakar Tegina, told Reuters he witnessed the attack and estimated about 150 students had b...

Haiti kidnappers abduct seven Catholic clergy and demand $1m ransom

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France has activated its foreign ministry crisis center after seven Catholic clergy – five of them Haitian and two French – were abducted in Haiti and the kidnappers demanded a million-dollar ransom. The statement cam...