‘Super-messy but incredible’: UK supermarket luxury mince pies tested

Algehele 3/10. Unpleasant cold. Much better warm but wouldn’t choose to eat it.

Voorkoms Neat; a lot of icing sugar on top.

Pastry Almost dusty; dik, not short.

Filling Acidic; contains brandy and cognac but not too boozy. Average.

Cold Quite raw.

Warm OK.

Algehele 4/10. Really crumbly; good filling.

Voorkoms Neat, thick and well filled.

Pastry Pale in areas, and the pastry isn’t really short.

Filling Has brandy and a bit of port. Fruity, pleasant.

Cold Very average. A touch claggy.

Warm An improvement, but not great.

Algehele 4/10. Very standard.

Voorkoms Golden on the edges, but fell apart easily.

Pastry Thick, pale and not very short. Broke apart quickly.

Filling Quite jammy and thick. Contains cider and brandy.

Cold Slightly raw-tasting pastry.

Warm The pastry browned more and it tasted OK.

Algehele 4/10. Pretty with a good amount of filling. Pastry slightly under-baked.

Voorkoms Sturdy and neat.

Pastry A bit thick.

Filling Generous, very citrussy. Contains brandy and port.

Cold Claggy.

Warm Easier to eat.

Algehele 5/10. Good but standard.

Voorkoms Generously filled, neat.

Pastry Sturdy, neat, very thick; benefits from warming.

Filling Quite jammy. Sweet and citrussy without being overpowered by the booze.

Cold Pastry was very crumbly.

Warm The pastry and filling work really well together. Enjoyed these.

Algehele 6/10. Feel posh. Not as large as some of the others. Good, but I’m not sold on them cold. Great when warm.

Voorkoms Neat and golden.

Pastry The double star on top makes it a bit thick if you eat it all the way through. They hold up nicely and the pastry tastes buttery.

Filling I really like the currants and fruit. The spicing and the hint of booze (brandy and cognac) are good.

Cold A bit claggy.

Warm Delicious.

Algehele 8/10. Decadent: there’s brown butter in the pastry, whole eggs and egg yolk along with amarena cherries, cognac and almonds.

Voorkoms Big, golden, rustic.

Pastry Lieflik, but very crumbly; amazingly buttery when warm.

Filling Very rich, good contrast of crunchy almond, and the cognac is subtle.

Cold Super-messy.

Warm Incredible, especially with jersey and double cream together.

Algehele 9/10. Ticks all the boxes.

Voorkoms Golden and gorgeous.

Pastry Thin along the sides, wonderful colour.

Filling Generous, warming, spiced well with a hint of brandy.

Cold The pastry is nice and light. Holds its shape out of the tin so you can eat one on the move.

Warm Brilliant, buttery.

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