L'assistente di Steve Bronski afferma che il musicista è morto nell'incendio di Soho

Un amico e tutore di Steve Bronski, il co-fondatore del trio pop degli anni '80 Bronski Beat, has revealed that he died in a fire at his flat in central Londra la settimana scorsa.

News of Bronski’s death emerged on Thursday when fellow band member Jimmy Somerville announced on Twitter that he was “sad to hear Steve has died”, describing him as “talented and a very melodic man”.

The cause of his death has not been officially confirmed and Somerville’s agent said he did not have any more information about it. But Josephine Samuel, who had cared for Bronski after a stroke, said he lived in a flat in Berwick Street that was the scene of a fatal fire on Tuesday.

Samuel told the Guardian that she had visited Bronski at the address the day before the fire and has since returned to lay tributes to him. Lei disse: “Because he had suffered a stroke, it was difficult for him to get up. He died from smoke inhalation.”

Cards, flowers and photographs of Bronski and other members of the band have been laid at the entrance to the flat. They include a card left by Samuel and one card addressed to her that said: “Dear Josephine, My sincere condolences on your loss. Steve started the beat and it will never stop. Bronski Beat for ever. With very best wishes and deepest sympathy, a Small Town Boy. xx”

Samuel, a 51-year-old gospel singer, disse: “I remember him as gentle, quiet and kind, and a talented musician. I was mentioned in some of the songs he wrote but never released.

“I cared for him all through his difficult time – about three years ago he suffered a stroke. I counselled him through depression. He treated me like a sister and I treated him as an older brother. We were very close.”

Samuel, who had known Bronski for 16 anni, aggiunto: “I came to visit him the day before he died. His death is like a nightmare to me, because I’ve been by his side for years. We are waiting to register the death before his body is taken to Scotland for burial.”

On Tuesday a man was rescued from a first floor flat at the scene by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus. He died later in hospital, according to a spokesperson for London fire brigade, but she would not confirm his identity. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said that as the fire was deemed “non-suspicious”, the force could not confirm who died in the blaze.

An office worker who works in a neighbouring building said he called the fire brigade when he saw smoke coming from the flat. Egli ha detto: “Fire engines and ambulances came very quickly and we were moved to the end of the road.”




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