Stephen Colbert sulla Corte Suprema degli Stati Uniti: "Non viviamo in democrazia"

Al Late Show, Stefano Colbert started by discussing one of the week’s biggest stories: il potenziale smantellamento delle leggi sull'aborto negli Stati Uniti. La corte suprema ha discusso il caso storico Roe v Wade, in relation to a Mississippi case brought in front of them. He remarked that “it is looking rough for Roe”.

Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s final appointee to the supreme court justices, used mandated Covid vaccinations as a comparison to comments about abortion. “Vaccines are mandated because Covid is contagious," Egli ha detto. “No one ever says, ‘Can you put a mask on your belly? I don’t want to catch baby.’”

Colbert summed up the issue of a heavily Republican court by saying: “I don’t want to get too technical but we, what’s the word, don’t live in a democracy.”

He reminded his audience that five of the nine justices were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote.

The rise in Omicron cases has had anti-vaxxers coming out with their latest theories, an excuse for them to “make up crazy crap” which as noting that it must be a hoax because the letters can be reassembled to make the word moronic.

“That theory is incredibly Omicron,” he joked.

Jimmy Kimmel spoke about congress trying to avoid a shutdown due to finance issues. “I don’t understand this," Egli ha detto. “Donald Trump isn’t president any more, why are we still running the country like one of his businesses.”

This week has also seen the German government institute a new lockdown for those who refuse to get vaccinated. “It’s always a bit scary when you hear the words Germany and lockdown in the same sentence," Egli ha detto.

Trump appeared on Fox & Friends this week to give “a lesson in revisionist history” as he claimed that people were fighting to get the vaccine while he was in office despite the fact that people only started getting the vaccine when he was no longer president.

“The only thing people were fighting over when you were president was toilet paper,” Kimmel ha scherzato.

But he added that “it hardly seems possible but there’s an even dumber Donald Trump out there” before showing footage of Donald Trump Jr, also on Fox, making wild claims about Fauci and the economy.

“He sure does talk about the economy a lot for someone who never had to go out and get a job,"Kimmel ha detto.

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah hosted a segment about German chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been “underestimated by everybody”.

Before she rose to power, she was often the butt of jokes because of her appearance and supposed fragility, which Noah said must sting “because Germans only make one joke a year, and they saved it for her”.

But she proved everyone wrong, and Noah said that “if there’s one thing we’ve learned from movies it’s that you should never underestimate the shy, mousy woman: She’s All That, The Devil Wears Prada, The Blair Witch Project”.

He showed a montage of male leaders trying to disrespect her from Putin to Trump. “The way these leaders treated her is embarrassing,” he said before remarking that it’s a tough situation to sort as “there’s no HR for world leaders”.

“Luckily as a German, Merkel wasn’t fazed by the sausage-fest,” he said before saluting her: “You kept things stable, you stood up for democracy and you never once appeared on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs.”

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