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[object Window], 43, was murdered by Leon McCaskre in front of horrified onlookers in Chippenham Road, Maida Vale, who himself died after being hit by a car.

The mother-of-two told a close friend in 2020 that she felt her life was in danger because of her abusive former partner, who she said had put cameras in her flat and stolen her post and phone.

Her friend, Adele-Sara Richards, told the PA news agency that in April 2020 Chkaifi messaged her to say: “He’s had cameras in my house recording me for months.

“He’s stolen my mail, my phone, has access to all my personal data. I think he will kill me. I’ve tried everything.”

One of her sons told MailOnline that she had been continually harassed by her ex-husband, who had made her life “hell”. “It was a very abusive relationship, which got worse after the divorce," él dijo. “My mother was continually being harassed and intimidated by this man. He made her life hell.

“I was always in touch with the police but they did nothing to help her. There was even a panic alarm installed in our flat – that’s how scared she was of this man. He was a monster.”

The 26-year-old driver of the car that hit McCaskre was later arrested on suspicion of murder and has been released on bail until late February while the police investigation continues. Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the driver not to face charges.

Meanwhile tributes have been paid to Chkaifi, who was known as Yaz and Wafat. She was a qualified childminder, had worked in a school and was studying for a master’s degree.

In a statement posted on Facebook, su familia dijo: “She was full of life, always stayed positive and always saw the best in everyone. Wafat loved to laugh, dance and leave a special impact on everyone’s life that got to share it with her. She has indeed left many broken from this awful and tragic news.

“Wafat was the most pure and genuine soul you would meet. She has left two amazing boys who will continue her legacy of being pure souls.”

Another friend, Olivia Jones, dicho: “She was incredibly kind, hospitable and an amazing cook and dancer. She had a bubbly personality and a confidence about her that was so attractive. She was proud of her Moroccan heritage and a spiritual woman. She was a good person.”




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