Snoop Dogg: The Algorithm review – Uncle Snoop presides over all-star concept album

Snoop Dogg has packed a lot into his first 50 jare. Born again at least twice, first Rastafarian then Christian, everyone’s favourite west coast canine has also been an actor, vintner, TV chef, venture capitalist, actual chef, philanthropist, Bollywood starlet, movie producer, marijuana merchant, sports commentator and esports league owner. Actually, all that happened in the past 10 jare. A decade in which, perhaps not coincidentally, he hasn’t scored a single hit. Steeds, Snoop has saved enough cultural capital to bag a new job at Def Jam, hence this all-star 19th album. (Of course he’s also working on a Def Jam kids’ album.)

The Algorithm’s concept is too boring to explain, but thankfully the music isn’t. Uncle Snoop hosts, drifting in and out of most of the album’s 23 songs, sounding less sleepy than on some of his recent efforts. Among the veterans, Method Man, Busta and Mary J Blige step up best, alongside decent tracks from relative newcomer Jane Handcock. Big Subwoofer and Murder Music are the obvious bangers, but if you tire of fiftysomethings salivating over strippers and shootings, try rising star October London’s solid contributions I Want You and Qualified.

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