Signs that Gulf Stream is at risk of collapse

좋은 아침.

Climate scientists have detected warning signs that suggest the Gulf Stream might collapse, one of the planet’s main potential tipping points in the climate crisis.

Researchers found “an almost complete loss of stability over the last century” of the currents, which are already at their slowest point in at least 1,600 연령, but the new analysis shows they may be nearing a shutdown.

“The signs of destabilisation being visible already is something that I wouldn’t have expected and that I find scary,” said Niklas Boers, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, who did the research. “It’s something you just can’t [allow to] happen.”

Such an event would have catastrophic consequences around the world, and would:

Apple has unveiled controversial plans to scan iPhones in the US for images of child sexual abuse, with the help of a tool called neuralMatch that will scan images before they are uploaded to iCloud.

The plan has drawn praise from child protection groups but raised concerns that the system could be misused, including by governments looking to spy on their citizens.

The fast-moving Dixie fire reached the northern California mountain town of Greenville on Wednesday evening, gutting much of its downtown, including a gas station, hotel and bar.

The quiet, close-knit Sierra Nevada town, which was partially destroyed by an 1881 fire, dates to California’s gold rush era and has some buildings more than a century old.

Joe Biden is pressing ahead on cutting emissions from vehicles and has set a goal for half of all new US vehicle sales to be electric by 2030 while also tightening pollution standards for cars and trucks, in an attempt to reduce the largest source of planet-heating gases in the US.

At the White House with car makers and unions on Thursday, Biden said the future of the car industry is “electric and there is no turning back”. He was set to sign an executive order demanding that 50% of all new cars and trucks sold by the end of the decade be powered by electric batteries.

The US came last on a ranking of healthcare systems of 11 of the richest countries in the world, although it is spending 17% of its gross domestic product on healthcare, “far above” the other 10 국가, according to a new report.

까지 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen lotion ends up in coral reef areas each year, but scientists are divided on how we can best protect our skin without harming the environment, Emine Saner reports.

Facebook failed to enforce its own rules to curb an oil and gas industry misinformation campaign over the climate crisis during last year’s presidential election, according to analysis released on Thursday.

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Curtis Sliwa, 67, is running against Eric Adams in November’s mayoral election in the US’s most populous city. Can the attention-loving founder of the neighborhood protection group Guardian Angels, who was shot six times in the 1990s after speaking out against a powerful New York crime family, upset the odds? Adam Gabbatt reports.

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