Share your thoughts on the social care reform plans

The government has announced the NHS will get £36bn over the next three years which will be funded by a new “health and social care levy," which will be 1.25% paid by working adults, including those over the state pension age.

From October 2023, anyone with assets between £20,000 and £100,000 will be expected to contribute to the cost of their adult social care care, but will also be eligible for state support covering some of the costs. This support will be means tested, and no one will ever have to pay more than £86,000 for care in their lifetimeroughly equivalent to three years of care.

The system will be made fairer, so that people who pay for their own care do not have to pay more than state-funded individuals for equivalent care, and the NHS and the care system will also be brought closer together.

We would like to hear what care home managers and staff think about the plans, as well as those who might be affected by the changes.

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