Shameless MPs have propped up a lying, lawbreaking prime minister

So various senior cabinet ministers have at last decided Boris Johnson is not a suitable person to be prime minister (Report, 6 July). Anyone with an iota of integrity has been fully aware of that fact, long before he was elected.

These “honourable” members were completely happy to accept him as prime minister while he was a winner and beneficial to their own careers, in spite of the enormous damage he has done and is still doing to our once great nation’s reputation. What does it say for their own integrity and honour that they turned a blind eye to his sleazy and dishonest behaviour for so long? I trust the great British public are not going to be hoodwinked into believing these former Johnson toadies are actually worth re-electing at the next general election.
Edward Lyon
Sandown, Isle of Wight

There must be no praise or forgiveness for any Tory minister or MP who resigns because of the prime minister’s behaviour. Every single one of them must be condemned for at best allowing, but in most cases vocally defending, the lies, the incompetence and the criminality. No matter how many Tories scuttle from the sinking ship, they leave the population in despair. They are beyond redemption or reprieve.
Kevin Donovan
Birkenhead, Merseyside

Perhaps this is the moment when parliament redeems its reputation. Rather than Boris Johnson’s policy failures, it is his poor behaviour that is causing revulsion. Will the lesson now be learned that political expediency, ie choosing a vote winner in this case, does not justify overlooking the moral deficiencies of his character? The nonsense that his supporters had priced in his character failings is now exposed as the most erroneous of fallacies.

Once Johnson is removed, parliament must examine how to make the election of such a scoundrel as leader impossible. What is needed is the constitutional equivalent of the gentlemen’s club blackball system to deny any future Johnsons the chance to become leader.
Derrick Joad

The one true statement the prime minister made recently was his admission that he will not change his character. Boris Johnson’s behaviour is as expected. He is the UK’s Donald Trump, a narcissist. He is never likely to accept that he has lost the country’s confidence and must step down.
Stephen Decker
Chelmsford, Essex

No wickets fell at Edgbaston on Tuesday as the England cricket team made light work of chasing down a mammoth total against a highly accomplished Indian team. Fortunately, sanity was restored later as a string of ministers took the long walk back to the pavilion.
Andrew Lamkowski
Taunton, Somerset

Time for the 1922 Committee to rebrand itself as the 2022 Committee? I could suggest an item for its first agenda.
Tom Stubbs
Surbiton, London

At a time when the Tories are most vulnerable and the party is sinking fast, Labour is unable to seize the opportunity to attack. The speeches by Keir Starmer are miles off the target. The worst prime minister of this century is surviving because MPs of both parties are unable to rise to the challenge.
Mohammed R Hasan
Pinner, London

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