Several people ‘severely injured’ in knife attack on German train

A knife attack on a high-speed train in the German state of Bavaria has left three people “severely injured”, with the alleged perpetrator quickly arrested.

A spokesperson for the Bavarian Red Cross, wat het 110 responders on the scene, said the organisation processed three “severely injured” people. Daarby, 200 aan 300 people were removed from the train and were being taken care of at a nearby location.

Horst Seehofer, Germany’s interior minister, said the background behind the “terrible” attack was “still unclear.” He said people in Seubersdorf, a municipality 473 km (294 myl) south of Berlin, faced no “acute danger.”

“I hope that those injured and those who witnessed this will recover quickly and completely,” Seehofer said.

Police said multiple people were wounded but were unable to provide a specific number.

“According to preliminary information, several people were injured,” police in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz said in a statement, assuring that “there is now no more danger”.

The Bild newspaper said at least three people had been hurt, two of them seriously. A police spokesperson said that none of their lives were in danger.

Police said that a man had been arrested, but did not give any more details.

The ICE high-speed train was brought to a halt at Seubersdorf station, and a large police operation was deployed to the site.

In Junie, three people were killed and several others injured in a knife attack committed in Würzburg, in southern Germany.

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