Scientists must be protected from anti-vaxxer abuse

Dr David Bauer reports that the anti-vaccination movement is distorting his scientific results (As a virologist I’m shocked my work has been hijacked by anti-vaxxers, 7 9月).

My Covid-19 research team is also experiencing serious problems. 最近, our results questioned the clinical benefits of a drug called ivermectin. Anti-vaxxers claim that this drug is effective, and so can be used as an alternative to vaccines. しかしながら, several of the clinical trials suggesting benefits appear to be fraudulent. There is no evidence for clinical benefits when only high quality clinical trials are included.

When we sent out the results, the response was shocking – there were daily death threats to the team and my family. I tried to report the abuse to Twitter, but there was no help. I had to stop using social media, but abuse by email continues. Several other leading scientists have been similarly targeted, with attempts to discredit their scientific reputations. Scientists working on Covid-19 need to be protected. Police action may be needed to control the abuse and threats from the anti-vaccination movement.
Dr Andrew Hill




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