Rising Covid infections spark fears of pandemic resurgence in US

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A worrying rise in coronavirus cases in the US and many other places in the world is fueling concerns that the pandemic has come back for another round. El lunes, news about the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant sent shockwaves through the stock market, while Joe Biden urged Americans to “please, please get vaccinated”.

Cases are increasing in all 50 US states and some cities are once again considering or already imposing mask mandates, such as California.

The Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos has come under fire for his voyage to space, scheduled for Tuesday, with some asking whether his time, or at least money, might be better spent here on Earth.

Bezos, who has an estimated net worth of $206bn, is taking off from Texas on Tuesday morning on the rocket New Shepard, owned by his company Blue Origin. While it’s a dream come true for Bezos, many others are unimpressed with him spending his fortune on space travel, given the long-running complaints about working conditions at Amazon, and broader concerns about income inequality and the amount of taxes the wealthiest Americans pay – or don’t pay – to the government. My colleague Adam Gabbatt informes.

Los Angeles bomb technicians grossly miscalculated the weight of homemade fireworks last month when they detonated them in a containment chamber, which was probably the cause of a catastrophic explosion that injured 17 people and rocked a neighborhood, the police chief said on Monday.

Five members of the department’s bomb squad have been removed from field duties as the investigation continues. They could face discipline, as residents in the neighborhood have called for accountability.

Under provisions signed into California’s budget this week, the state will offer reparations for the thousands of people who were sterilized in California institutions without adequate consent, often because they were deemed “criminal”, “feeble-minded” or “deviant”. The program will be the first in the country to provide compensation to modern-day survivors of prison sterilizations, but the state assembly member Wendy Carrillo, who introduced the reparations bill, hopes each qualified applicant to the program will get about $25,000 – a pitiful sum to rectify this injustice.

Many people are acutely aware that, just because some holidays are possible again and restaurants open, the pandemic is far from over. For those with anxiety, the resumption of socialising can be terrifying. Matthew Cantor explains how he feels, and will feel for some time.

Covering the climate crisis is one of the most important things we do at the Guardian. So this week we’re introducing Climate Check, a new First Thing section to help you stay on top of the biggest environmental stories. Hoy dia, a warning from the global energy body makes for worrying reading: global greenhouse gas emissions are likely to rise to record levels in the next two years as governments fail to “build back better” from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yep, you’ve heard right. These animals don’t just look the part, they also behave like total pigs in terms of pollution. The climate impact of feral pigs around the world is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 1.1m cars annually, estudios muestran. Cómo? They uproot soil while searching for food, like an army of “mini tractors”.

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