Removing British citizenship under the nationality and borders bill

I was disappointed to read Naga Kandiah’s comments on the removal of British citizenship (Like Shamima Begum, I could soon be stripped of British citizenship without notice, 15 December). Removing British citizenship on grounds of being “conducive to the public good” is used against the most dangerous of people, such as terrorists, extremists and serious organised criminals.

It’s been possible for over a century. It comes with a right of appeal and is only used in exceptional circumstances in a small number of cases each year. The nationality and borders bill doesn’t change any of that – it’s only about how someone is notified.

We would always try to notify someone, but this may not be possible in exceptional circumstances – such as if they’re in a war zone, their location is unknown, or it would reveal sensitive intelligence sources.

Maintaining our national security and keeping the public safe are the government’s top priorities, and it’s a duty I take incredibly seriously.
Damian Hinds
Minister for security and borders

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