Rechazar su vacuna de refuerzo no ayudará a los países más pobres

En respuesta a la carta de Christopher Cheetham (21 septiembre), No deseo menospreciar su sentimiento de promover la disponibilidad internacional de vacunas., pero debo estar en desacuerdo con su acción propuesta. Refusing a Covid booster in the UK is not the way to increase the availability of vaccines in the world. Such action will only lead to wasted doses. Furthermore, an undervaccinated population will put an increasing strain on the NHS, and places our physically nearest and dearest at greater risk. Greater production of vaccines and their coordinated distribution internationally has to be a better answer.
Dr Stephen Mullin
Consultant clinical neuropsychologist

Declining a booster could lead to vaccines being wasted rather than sent overseas. I, and many others, would be happy to donate our boosters if tests showed we didn’t need it, according to research by Imperial College. Without this, my inclination is to have the booster to protect my own and others’ health, and reduce the demands on the NHS. En lugar de, people could donate to one of the organisations involved in Covax (por ejemplo, Unicef o Vaccinaid) and campaign for the government to do more. The petition aquí might be a start: .
Marilyn Howard

What about those of us who are extremely vulnerable? I still won’t leave the house alone except for medical appointments due to anxiety about contracting Covid. Although I have had both injections, I have been told I may not survive if I do contract it. So I will be accepting my booster, as some protection is better than none. I do not feel I am being selfish for trying to keep myself alive.
Tina Foster
Shipley, West Yorkshire




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