Redemption of a Rogue review – dark Irish humour in a suicide denied

Jimmy (Aaron Monaghan) wants to kill himself, but he keeps being interrupted. There are only so many grim jokes to be wrung from a noose, but Irish writer-director Philip Doherty has a good go with this gloomy comedy.

After seven years away, Jimmy returns to his hometown in County Cavan to find his abusive father (Hugh B O’Brien) on his deathbed. A scuffle leads to Dad’s death and with it an onslaught of rain that will last for 40 days. According to his will, the funeral is not to be held until the downpour ceases, so the body is kept cool in a drawer of frozen pizzas until further notice.

Jimmy’s suicide, then, is on ice too. As he wanders glumly from barn to bar and back again, he’s reminded, repeatedly, of his various humiliations. It takes Masha (Aisling O’Mara), an immigrant drug dealer and the town’s self-described “slut” to begin to thaw his heart. A few playful touches thankfully lighten the dour mood, including a talking Virgin Mary who asks Jimmy for a fag as he turns to the church for salvation.

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