Ravneet Gill의 셰리 사과 '말하다' 파이 레시피

미디엄ince pie season has to be one of the best times for me; 12월에 하루에 하나씩 먹으려고 해요. 작년을 놓친 후, 올해는 최대한 많은 빵집을 방문하여 맛보기 위해 열심히 노력하겠습니다.. When mince pies fill you with so much joy, it’s such a disappointment to be sat at the table only to find out that your mates don’t feel the same way about raisins and dried fruit. I’ve got a few like this – they’ll scoop out the filling and eat only the pastry. It makes me sad, so I thought something should be done. This is my take on an alternative mince pie for friends who don’t like them.

예습 1 시간
Chill 4 시간 35 분
40 분
만들다 9

For the pastry
110g 캐스터 설탕
260g 일반 밀가루
A pinch of fine salt
125g cold unsalted butter
, cubed
1 egg

충전을 위해
430g peeled and cored bramley apples, diced
120g golden caster sugar
¼ tsp cinnamon
20ml sweet sherry
2 heaped tbsp cornflour

Softened butter, 기름칠을 위해
Demerara sugar, for sprinkling

For the pastry, put all the dry ingredients in a large bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer/food processor and mix well. Add the butter, mix until breadcrumbs form, then add the egg and a splash of water, and mix again until a dough forms; add another splash of water, if need be. Knead gently until smooth, then shape into a disc, wrap tightly and refrigerate for four hours

Put the apples, sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan, stir and cook over a low-medium heat for about 10 의사록, until the apples turn translucent while still keeping their shape and the sugar dissolves. Add the sherry, then use a slotted spoon to transfer the fruit to a large bowl and leave to cool a little.

그 동안에, whisk the cornflour into the remaining appley liquid in the pan until there are no lumps, then pour into the cooked apples, stir to coat the fruit in the cornflour mixture, then leave to cool completely.

To assemble the pies, generously grease nine muffin holes in a deep muffin tray, and chill for 15 의사록.

Gently knead the chilled pastry, then roll it to about 4-5mm thick. Cut out nine 10cm discs for the bases and nine 6cm discs for the lids, re-rolling the scraps as needed.

Press the larger pastry circles into the muffin tin moulds, making sure there are no holes. Spoon in the apple mixture, filling the cases up to ½cm from the top. Pop on the lids and fold over the edges to seal the pies. Chill for 20 의사록.

그 동안에, 오븐을 190C로 가열 (170 fan)/375F/가스 5. Pierce the top of each pie with a knife, sprinkle with demerara sugar and bake for 35-40 의사록, until golden.

Remove from the oven, leave to cool for 15 의사록, then carefully unmould and eat warm or at room temperature.

Fiona Beckett’s drinks match These pies have got sherry in them, so it makes sense to drink sherry them – cream sherry, for preference. Waitrose No. 1 Rich Cream Sherry (£11.99 a full-size bottle, 20%), which is made by top sherry producer Lustau, would be perfect.

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