Queensland bans three lobbyists from contacting cabinet ministers

Three Queensland lobbyists will be barred from contacting cabinet ministers as the premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, seeks to make her government “the most transparent” in the country.

Palaszczuk announced the move on Monday after the Coaldrake report last week raised serious concerns about lobbyists accessing and influencing her government.

Prof Peter Coaldrake called for a ban on “dual-hatting”, where people who work on political campaigns are able to lobby governments after elections.

As a result, Evan Moorhead, Cameron Milner and David Nelson will be barred from lobbying any ministers or staff until after the 2024 election.

“It’s for the rest of the term, then they’ll have to make their own decisions,” Palaszczuk said after Monday’s cabinet meeting.

“We believe that by implementing the Coaldrake recommendations, this will make Queensland the most transparent government in the nation.”

Coaldrake had said there was a “culture too tolerant of bullying” in Queensland’s public service and made 14 recommendations, including reining in the access and influence of lobbyists.

Palaszczuk has committed to implementing all 14 recommendations “lock, stock and barrel”.

Meanwhile, a crime and corruption probe involving the office of the Integrity Commissioner, including the wiping of a laptop, has found descriptions such as “raid” and “seizure” were inaccurate.

“The circumstances in which the laptops were retrieved from the Integrity Commissioner’s office were entirely ordinary, and the descriptions of ‘raid’ and ‘seizure’ do not reflect the reality of what occurred,” the report tabled on Monday said.

The circumstances in which one laptop was wiped were wholly unremarkable, it found.

The investigation also found no evidence of improper disclosure.

On Monday, Palaszczuk brushed off a new poll showing Labor’s primary vote had fallen to its lowest level since the 2020 election.

Labor’s primary vote had fallen to 34% in June, according to the YouGov poll, from 39% in February.

The poll, commissioned by News Corp, showed the Liberal National party’s primary unchanged at 38%, while the Greens were up 4% to 14%.

If an election were held today there would be a hung parliament. Palaszczuk said she was not concerned by the results.

“The poll that matters of course, is on election day, but we have a big job to do,” she said.

“This means that by the government implementing all those recommendations … we will be the most transparent government and that is a good thing, that is a good healthy thing for democracy.”

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